Agente de bolsa

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I, Directions: Change the statements to questions using the question word in parenthesis. Check verb tense
1. They do their homework at night. (when)  
2. Mr.Robertson came to the party alone. (who)  
3. The car is across the street from the house. (where)  
4. I like the red blouse, not the blue one. (which)  
5. She felt better after shetook a nap. (how)  
6. That is an English book. (what)  
7. My sister called her boyfriend yesterday (when)  
8. She talked to him for an hour. (how long)  9. He studies piano at the university. (what)  
10. The party lasted all night. (how long)  
11. The check was for $5.50. (how much)  
12. She was eating a sandwich. (what)  13. She is working hard. (what)  
14. My parents have two cars. (how many)  
15. They are coming to visit tomorrow. (when)  
16. He is going to work right now. (where)  17. The man with the white hat is my brother. (who)  
18. I don’t get up early because I like to sleep late. (why)  
19. We have an English class every day. (how often)  
20. Theylike to dance on weekends. (what)  
21. The club is not far from their house. (where)  
22. Their favorite kind of music is Latin Jazz. (what)  
23. I didn’t bring my dictionary today.(why)  
24. They are singing popular songs. (what kind)  
II.Complete the questions using the question words .
Which, where ,how much, what sort of, how old,
why ,when, who, what (x 2)how.

1 ‘_H_o_w_ do you travel to work?’ ‘By bus.’

2 ‘___what__ does he do?’‘He’s a doctor.’

3 ‘____when ___ did you start your new job?’
‘About six weeks ago.’

4 ‘_______________ trainare you going to catch?’
‘The 7.15.’

5 ‘_______which________ is your favourite writer?’
‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.’

6 ‘____where ___________ do you go at weekends?’
‘To the beach.’

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