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Dear Javier:

It’s amazing to hear from you I always remember you because of the good times we had of School. I really miss u so much, although we don’t talk now.

Let me tell yousomething about my life I still live in Santiago with my parents , my sister , my brother in law and my two nephews Jorge is the oldest he’s one year old and Maximiliano’s only threemonths. They are beautiful and as u know I always wanted kids in my family, well we are very happy with them . About my brother in law, he’s a very kind and nice person, is a good man for mysister. It’s so good that all my family is together. We are living in San Bernardo, I think that I’m much close to u. My current house is very different to the house that u know but thesector where we live it’s nice, and it’s good for everyone, especially for my nephews , they ‘re handful and they need space hahahaha , Don’t you think?;
Well last year I finishedschool , and now I’m studying to be a English teacher , at university mayor , I’m so happy with my choice, but is difficult because obviously all is in English and I don’t speak English. ButI hope that soon I can learn .However I think about the future, and the children that they will learn from me, and this idea is wonderful and helps me continue.

I have met new people,and I have new classmates too, they are kind. In general the coexistence is very nice; my teachers are really helpful because they help me when I need it too.

I hope to hear from u ,really I miss u so much friend I miss everything, you are a special person for me , and I want things to be like the old times.
U know that you’re welcome in my house but I can’t wait tohear more from you .
So hope to hear from u soon, very soon.
Remember that I love u so much, that u are still my friend and forever, it’s a children promise.
With much Love.
Thalía R.
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