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Book Report



Memoir by Benjamin Jacobs


The book is a memoir of the Holocaust, it relates the life of Berek, the author, and how he wastaken away from his family by the Nazi to several concentration camps where his first year of dental training and the tools he took with him, gave him an advantage which helped him overcome thedifficulties a Jew in a concentration camp confronted.

Personal View:

What is the main reason for writing the book?

• Jacobs wished to tell his experiences in Auschwitz, he felt it was hisobligation to do so. He gave speeches to the youth and his talks were becoming important. Unfortunately one day he was diagnosed throat cancer and since then his speech was compromised. He took the decisionto write his memories so that in any case he couldn’t talk anymore his message was still delivered. Fortunately his throat cancer was cured with treatment and because of that succession of events hewrote the book.

What did you learn?

• I learned through my reading of this book that I am very lucky to live how I do. I learned that I must value everyday of my life as it is a blessing thatI can enjoy freedom. I learned that there had been people that have gone through really hard times and with perseverance and conviction they overcome it, then I myself should be able to do the samedespite the situation life drops in. I have learned a lot about the Nazi rule and how it played its role in history. In conclusion I learned a lot about the meaning of life by reading this wonderfulbook.

How was the subject presented?

• The subject was presented in form of a memoir, an autobiographical record of the life of Berek (Benjamin Jacobs). Written during his free life in Bostonthe memoir includes a great amount of flashbacks that comprehend his childhood and adolescence until his capture and escape. It is told in first person point of view and with the use of historical...
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