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(Official name, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Federal Republic of Germany), a country located in Central Europe, bordered on the north by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea on the east by Poland and the Czech Republic on the south by Austria and Switzerland and west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. For most of its history, Germany was a geographical term usedto designate an area occupied by several states. It became a unified state for 74 years (1871-1945), but was divided at the end of World War II in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, known as West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR, known as Germany Oriental). On October 3, 1990, became part of Germany, so Germany turned to be a unified nation. Berlin is the capital and largestcity.


The typical food in Germany for excellence is the sausage in the country having more than 1,500 different types of sausages, which are highlighted in Frankfurt that are softer, the Nuremberg-roasted and Bavaria, which has the distinction of being color white. Each region of Germany has gourmet tastes and dishes.
Other dishes in Germany are smoked fish, sauerkraut sauerkrautwhich is a used to accompany most dishes, also cheeses from the region of Mainz, the famous apple strudel, etc.
German food is characterized by strong and heat. Among the dishes in Germany we can find smoked pork chops, cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and frikadellen, which are small fillets of beef.


German is the official language and is spoken by almost everyone.There are several regional dialects, some of which differ substantially from standard German. The only significant linguistic minority consists of some 100,000 Sorbian (descendants of Slavic tribes called Wends or sold by the medieval German) living in the region of Lusatia, which are the cities of Cootbus and Bautzen, and speak a Slavic language.


The ländler is a folkdance in the rhythm of 3 / 4 which was very popular in Austria, southern Germany and German Switzerland to the late eighteenth century.

It is a dance for couples that shows markedly fierce and trampling. It was sometimes purely instrumental and sometimes had a vocal, sometimes offering yodel.

When in the dance halls became popular in Europe in the nineteenth century, became more rapid andelegant, and the men were stripped of the nails in the boots they used to dance. Is believed to be precursor of the waltz.

Several classical composers wrote or ländler included in his music, including Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Anton Bruckner. In several of his symphonies, Gustav Mahler scherzo substituted by ländler. The Carinthian folk tune that is cited in the Violin Concerto ofAlban Berg is a ländler, and so are some dances of Act II of his opera Wozzeck. The "German Dances" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn ländler resemble. In Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten Ländler there on the scene when there is a dance night in the lounge.


The current tricolor flag of Germany is therefore consists of three equal horizontal stripes of black, red and gold. Itwas adopted on May 23, 1949 by the Federal Republic of Germany


Germany is a European country of great tourist interest due to its historical importance, the tradition of the different places that shape and varied cuisine, making tourism in Germany is an interesting activity to learn and enjoy the best destinations.
Germany is a Central European country that is part of theEuropean Union, bordered on the north by Denmark and the North and Baltic seas, the South are the countries of Switzerland and Austria, in the east are Poland and the Czech Republic and western border with France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.
However, we must not forget that Germany is one of the countries with the highest number of thinkers, musicians and has contributed to the world...
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