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Teaching Philip to Kiss Part 4: Kissing Anyone!
If you walked up to a friend named Philip at school and said “Philip kiss.” He would probably say “Kiss who?” Right now when we say “Philip kiss,” Philip will always go kiss Melly. But, wouldn’t it be cool if he could kiss anyone? Then we’d be able to say “Philip kiss Melly.” But we could also say “Philip kiss Teacher” or “Philip kiss Ogre.” Let’slook at our current Philip.kiss. We need to replace the places where it says Melly (they’re underlined) with something like “the person you’re going to kiss.” In Alice, you can do this by creating something called a parameter. A parameter allows you to say, “Philip this is how you kiss

Creating Animated Movies in Storytelling Alice

someone and I’ll tell you who that’s going to be later.” Tocreate a parameter, click on the “create new parameter” button, call the parameter “kissee” and make sure it’s an “object” not a number. When you’ve created your parameter, you should get a little tile at the top of your method. Drag this tile and drop it on all the Mellys to replace them. Now, Philip.kiss should look like this. In your story, where you called Philip.kiss you now need to choosewho Philip should kiss.

Teaching Philip to Kiss Part 1: First Steps
Suppose that you are telling a story about a boy named Philip and a girl named Melly falling in love. In one scene, Philip needs to kiss Melly. But, when you go and look at what Philip knows how to do, you discover that Philip doesn’t know how to kiss. In Alice, you can teach your characters to do new things bycreating new methods for them. To create a new method for Philip, select Philip in the object tree and then click on his “create new method” button, give your animation a new name (like “kiss”) and press the OK button. Alice will open a new method editor for Philip.kiss. In this new editor, you can teach Philip how to kiss.

Teaching Philip to Kiss Part 2: Embracing Melly
The next step ingetting Philip to kiss Melly is to have him put his arms around her. We can use the touch method to get Philip to touch the left and right sides of Melly. You’ll need to use the more menu to set which side of Melly Philip will touch and which limb (right arm or left arm) he will use. Then, we might end up with a Philip.kiss that looks like this. Try playing this to see what it looks like. It looks alittle awkward because Philip raises his hands one at a time. We can use something called a “Do together” to make the two touch animations happen at the same time. To add a “Do together” to your Philip.kiss, drag the “Do together” tile from the bottom of the method editor and drop it at the end of Philip.kiss. Do togethers do all the animations inside them at the same time. Since we want the twotouch animations to happen at the same time, drag those inside the “Do together.” Now, Philip.kiss should look like this. If you play Philip.kiss, Philip will walk over to Melly and put his arms around her. You can use “Do togethers” anytime you have multiple animations that you want to have happen at the same time

The first step in kissing someone is probably walking up to that person. Since,this story is about Philip and Melly, we’ll have Philip walk up to Melly. Since they’re supposed to kiss, use the “more” menu to set the amount (distance between them) to 0. Obviously, we’ll need to add some more details to philip’s kiss. But, go ahead and add Philip.Kiss to your story, so that you can see how to use it. If you look at the methods that Philip knows how to do, you’ll find thatthere’s a new tile called “kiss.” Drag this into your main story (not Philip.kiss) and hit the play button. Philip should walk to Melly.

Teaching Philip to Kiss Part 3: The Kiss! Basic Alice Programming
Now that we’ve got Philip standing in front of Melly with his arms around her, let’s get him to tilt his head back and forth a bunch of times to kiss her. The first thing we’ll need to do is...
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