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Alice´s adventures in Wonderland

Alice | Polite, smart, confuse, good student. The main character of the novel. |
The White Rabbit | Hysterical, always aware of it watch and on the running. |
A mouse | Little, good swimmer and with issues against cats. |
Caterpillar | Blue, smoker, very relax and a little philosopher. |
The bird | Responsible, afraid and hate anyone whoeat eggs. |
The Duchess | Haughty, bad temper and bad with babies. |
The Cook | Looks bitter |
The baby pig | Always crying or squeaking. |
Cheshire Cat | Magic, can disappear and appear to will, has a peculiar smile a grin, smart |
The Mad Hatter | Crazy, loves tea and tea parties, irreverent. |
March Hare | Crazy, likes tea, bad adviser(butter on the clock) |
Dormouse |Sleepyhead, storyteller and meek |
The three gardeners | Kind, afraid of the Queen and polite. |
Pack of card | The Queen and King guards, thin, tall and with spears. |
Queen | Bad temper loves to decapitated and play croquet, also loves the red color, insecure and despot. |
King | Hide behind the Queen power, insecure and despot. |
The Muck Turtle | Likes to sing, with a large body and enjoyto make fun of it friend of the Gryphon |
Gryphon | Likes to sing, with a large body and accept the jokes of it friend the turtle. |
Knave | Fearful, can´t defend it self and it’s the tarts alleged thief. |
Alice´s sister | Likes to read, walk, do not plays a important character in the story but is reflected like a girl who enjoy reading and walking in hot summers days. |


1| Down the rabbit-hole. * Alice was so boring, until she saw a White Rabbit past her and decided to follow it. * She fell down into the rabbit hole. * Her fall seemed endless; in the meantime she could see pictures, books and cupboards, until fall sleep and hit the ground. * When she wakes follows the rabbit but lost it when they get to a dark room surrounded of doors, but all werelocked. * She drank from a strange bottle and get smaller but forgot the key on the table, latter ate a cake that makes her bigger but again to big to get through the door. |
2 | The pool of tears: * Alice began to cry because she was too big to get through the door and soon a pool of tears lies on the floor. * Alice saw the White Rabbit once more, but the rabbit did not help her and ran againforgotten a fan and the gloves. * Alice starts to shrink and end swimming in a pool of tears. * She met a mouse, but her clumsy words offended it and in the end abandoned her too. * Latter the white Rabbit past again looking for it glove and fan and treat Alice like a servant called her Mary Ann. |
3 | Conversation with a caterpillar: * Finally, Alice found the way into the garden andmet the caterpillar, who was smoking a pipe and ask her some philosophical questions. * Alice ate half of a mushroom and her head grown over the trees. * Alice had a conversation with a bird who things she wants to eat it´s eggs. * She ate the other part of the mushroom and back to her normal size. |
4 | The Cheshire cat: * Alice saw a fish-boy out of some house delivering an invitation,she went that way and enter to the home. * Alice met the Duchess, the cook, the baby pig and the Cheshire cat. * Alice talked to the duchess about the grin of the cat and take care of the baby. * When Alice left the house she talked to the Cheshire cat about witch direction take. |
5 | A mad tea party: * The March Hare and the hatter were having tea when Alice came. * Alice departed alittle with the guest of the tea party, and talked to the hatter, March Hare and listened a little about the story of the Dormouse before she left. * Alice found a little gold key, she ate a piece of mushroom and when she had the right size she could enter to another beautiful garden with bright flowers and trees. |
6 | The queen game´s of croquet: * Alice met three gardeners and...
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