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ABC Homework

Aa WEEK # _________
Its Aa week ! Please do these activities with your child,
1. Tell your address to mom or dad.
2. Be an artist. Create something colorful.
3. Eat an apple for a snack.
4. Cut an apple in half. Find the star.
5. Make the sound of your favorite animal.

Bb WEEK#__________
Oh boy! It's Bb week!
1. Count the buttons on Mommy/Daddy'sshirt.
2. Ride your bicycle.
3. Fly like a butterfly.
4. Hop like a bunny.
5. Buzz like a bee.
6. Drink a big glass of milk.

Cc WEEK#__________
It's "Cc" week! A Counting Questionnaire! Just for fun! Help your child count these things:
1. Count the toothbrushes in your house.
2. How many bed in your home?
3. Count the trees in your yard.
5. Count the bathtubs in your house.
6. Countyour toes.
8. How many clocks in your house?
9. Count the televisions in your home.
Dd WEEK#__________
"Dd" Week Activities
1. Pretend to be a dog.
3. Quack like a duck.
4. Help mom and dad with the dishes.
5. Knock on your front door five times.
6. Dust the furniture.

Ee WEEK#__________
On to the letter "Ee!"
1. Walk and dance like an elephant.
2. Jump up and down eleven times.3 Go outside. What do you hear with your ears?
5. Cut out pictures of eyes and ears from old magazines.
6. Try to touch your elbow to your ear.
7. Use your eyes. What things do you see on the way to school?

Ff WEEK#__________
I'm thinking of Flowers! It must be "F" week.
1. Tell a funny story to your mom.
2. Draw a picture of your family.
3. Jump up and down fourteen times.
4. Countforward, as far as you can go.
5. Hop like a frog.

Gg WEEK#__________
It's "G" week.
1. Roll like a grape.
2. Give someone you love a big hug.
3. Move like a grasshopper.
4. Talk about the things you can grow in a garden.
5. Count the green things you see in nature..
Hh WEEK#__________
Hi Kids, It's "H" week!
1. Tell teacher what makes you happy.
2. How many brothers do you have?3. Draw your house. Practice your address with someone.
4. Hop ten times on one foot.
5. Gallop like a horse.
Ii WEEK#__________
"I" Week
1. Illustrate your room.
2. Invite someone to a party.
3. Do you like ice cream?
Jj WEEK#__________
"J" week.
1. Find a calendar and count all the days in January.
2. Jump up and down ten times.
3. Tell someone in your family a joke.
4.Jump like a rabbit.
Kk WEEK#__________
"K" week
1. Use Kleenex when you sneeze.
2. How many keys in mom's purse?
3. Kiss your Mom/Dad.
4. Be a king, and wear a crown.
Ll WEEK#__________
"L" week
1. Listen to a story.
2. Hop on your left foot.
3. Look up in the sky.
4. Draw ten long lines.
5. Make yourself large and make yourself small.
Mm WEEK#__________
"M" week
1. Look up atthe sky. Do you see a full moon?
2. Move like a monkey.
3. Make a funny face in the mirror.
4. Moooooooo like a cow.

Nn WEEK#__________
"N" week
1. Practice saying your phone number.
2. Jump nine times.
3. Write your name.
4. Look at the newspaper with Mom or Dad.
5. Name nine farm animals.

Oo WEEK#__________
"O" week
1. Open and close your mouth.
2. Use an orange crayonto write ten O's
3. Go outside and play.
4. Hop on one foot.
5. How old are you?

Pp WEEK#__________
"P" week
1. Eat a piece of fruit.
2. Print your name on the back of this paper.
4. Count all the purple and pink things in your bedroom.
5. Say "please" and "thank you." Use your best manners, and try to be polite.

Qq WEEK#__________
For "Q" week, I make a quilt pattern.
I numberthe squares. Then the parents give directions for each square. Boxes:
1. yellow sun 2. brown square 3. green circle 4. purple moon 5. blue square 6. black line kite 8. orange A 9. brown leaf 10. a happy face 11. a rainbow 12. your name

Rr WEEK#__________
"R" week
1. Draw a rainbow for someone you love.
2. Count all the red toys in your bedroom.
3. Listen to the radio.
4. Hop like...
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