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“The reelection of President Chavez in Venezuela and its effects and in the Ecuadorian international affairs”

One of the most repeated phrases in recent years officials from Ecuadorand Venezuela is that both nations "are going through its best" in integration issues and diplomacy. But if that speech is what the industry moves to more fertile figures in these links is, withoutdoubt, the commercial.
In 2011, total exports from Ecuador to Venezuela stood at $ 1,500 million (including the sale of oil) and of which 770 million were non-oil products. "This is a breakthrough forthe Ecuadorian business. The matrix of exports is leveling and will continue working for more domestic products to earn a place in the Venezuelan market, "promises the official at the time said thatthe expectations for the current period will be to reach $ 1,600 million in exports to Venezuela, of which one is expected to correspond to 1,000 million non-oil products.

Chavez's lastvictory was discussed by the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa as "wonderful" but still said that although there had remained Capriles won great international affair, whether true or not, causes a lot ofcuriosity in the Ecuadorian people for the way that President Chavez takes his country to socialism just as Correa wants to do with Ecuador. Other comments issued by the brother of President Correa,Fabricio Correa that his country is "directed" from Venezuela, which wants to impose "political model" that opposes the majority of Ecuadorians. "We staged a farce, now everyone is rebelliousstudents, indigenous teachers, against a Venezuelan model project that nobody wants in Ecuador. Want to mount a totalitarian model", Fabricio Correa said in a telephone interview with Efe in Miami.
For yearsto Ecuador and Venezuela strengthen ties expect thanks to productions that share of exports to Venezuela Ecuador mainly mineral fuels, mineral oils, Optical, photographic, cinematographic,...
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