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3. Promotional Objectives and Communications Tools Adopted by Always Napkins in IMC Campaigns

The best way to lure customers into buying products is by offering discounts and freebies. Thismarketing strategy has been proven throughout the years.
P&G uses extensive promotional tools to promote its product “Always”.Among these tools for the advertisement of Always P&G uses:
•Newspaper • Internet • Posters
• Radio • TV
• Magazines • Pamphlets
Sales promotions are done on a continuous basis with Always. This type of promotion includescoupons, samples, rewards and displays.
Always usually allow other websites to advertise the free downloadable always coupon. These can be printed out and can be used in participating stores. Thesecoupons are all over the website so it’s just easy to download and print it.
This is indeed an effective way of convincing the consumers to purchase the merchandise. Come to think of it.
P&GCompany make the social networks to interact with their customers because public relations are also very important for the promotion of the product
P&G company also promoting their products bypersonnel selling. Always has been successful in developing a well-integrated communications strategy, because their target audiences usually are exposed to a lot promotion.
Generally in pharmacies havespecific days to publish your offers, such as Sunday and Monday. Those days are lower prices and use the bonus.

The objectives of promotion can be summarized as:
3.1 Build Awareness: It remindspeople of need the might have or a problem that is currently no solved or reminds them of the benefits of the past transactions, so convince them that they should enter into a similar exchange.P&G reminds about their products through T.V commercials, promotional campaign and seminars. Working hard in slice of life and demonstration promotion. Also making a mix of types of advertising...
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