An industrial solution for the coexistence of bluetooth and ieee 802.11 in hybrid devices in ad hoc and sensor networks

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An Industrial Solution for the Coexistence of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 in Hybrid Devices in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Juan José Martínez Castillo, Yacambu University, Venezuela
Abstract— Many and varied could be the commercial applications of the Ad hoc network aplicated to the communications between wireless sensor networks ; from the simple fact of sharing resources without having any typeof physical connection (and what is better, without any configuration type by the users (people or robots), going by the experience of "discovering" new services to have access from our "small ad hoc device" (from a laptop up to a clock with a microdevice for interconnection) until we get to "the expansion" of the services of those that we already prepare as the case would be of the covering ofour cellular telephone in areas where cell phone towers do not exist. this wonderful world, where devices so diverse as personal computers, laptos, telephones, PDA's, Sensors, and even clocks "cohabit", "communicate" and " exchange resources" is already possible; actually, collaborative and noncollaboration techniques being used today; but with the own limitations not of the designers' imagination,but of the economic market. So the big question is what technology will be imposed as a base in the communications of the Wireless Sensor networks? The objective of this work is to give an introduction to the cause of the convergence of these two technologies not only motivated to the so wanted "universal communication" of Ad hoc devices, but mainly to the needs of the market; to the problems thatlimit their interoperability and which have been the answers of some of the most important companies to try to give a response to these questions.

Index Terms—Ad-Hoc, Wsn, IEEE802.11, Interference issues.






The scientific growing interest in the Ad hoc and M2M networks are reasons to think about scenarios of coexistence andinteroperability between the two main associate technologies, the wireless technologies Bluetooth (Europe) and IEEE 802.11 (USA); specially if we are talking about hybrids and not heterogeneous Networks using gateways nodes; it implies the union of enormous markets and scientific fields with not very much in common up to now, which will open new expectations and changes in the paradigms, not only in the modelsof current business but in the form these technologies will influence our future. Further than the reality that means the promising market at this technology level consumers, we have to take in consideration that the technical problems originated by the connection between them should be overcome as for example, simple questions like: Can the technologies Bluetooth and 802.11b coexist? Yes,nowadays they can coexist with certain limits. Although the interference potential is quite low, you need to know that there is the possibility that the two technologies interfere to each other, but only when they are transmitting simultaneously in very near towns. If the

interference occurs, it is probable that it is due to an interruption of the sign of the 802.11b; it is possible that there isloss of data, but there won't be any physical damage to any of the systems. Although it is very probable that the users don't notice this type of interference, in the cases where it is evident, it will be enough to separate the devices to solve the problem. Nevertheless, there are occasions where it will be necessary to cease the functioning or operation of one of them. What happens when interferenceoccurs between the Bluetooth and the 802.11b, especially a nonheterogeneous network, with nodes hybrids? The interference is not noticed in many of the cases. If it occurs, the users of both technologies will have to operate their devices manually in order to eliminate the interference in some of the following two ways: the first one, physically separating from the devices; or, the second,...
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