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Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friend Analysis
Life in Technicolor
This is the first track of the album and one of the most wonderful still don’t having lyrics. Technicolor is the name given to the process used on the films on color. Movies. On this first track there is the advice that a story is going to be told and on this instrumental, a part of our character’s life is already beingshown. The song begins quite calm and goes on this rhythm until it’s 42 seconds when it goes more happy and festive. From the idea that Chris puts together the biggest problems of the humanity in a unique character, we conclude that on Life in Technicolor, the narrator shows us the life of our character on it’s birth moment - what explains the calm atmosphere on it’s first 42 seconds - it’s childhood,it’s youth that are bound to the festive atmosphere of the song. From that on, we see the beginning of it’s adult life, in the end of the song, that shows itself dark in it’s last seconds. This dark atmosphere shows that our character found himself on a decisive moment of his life, a moment in which he realized that he was missing something. Something that would complete himself. It’s interestingto remember that this dark atmosphere in which Life in Technicolor ends fits perfectly, and is the introduction to Cemeteries of London. Life In Technicolor has 2:29s. Dividing that for 3,5 we have about 3 periods of 42 seconds. 42 is taken as the sense of the life, that have three phases: the birth, life and death.
Cemeteries Of London
This song is literally about a research. A desperateresearch for god (or God). In the end of Life in Technicolor, our character realized that he was missing something in his life. We conclude that he now knows what it was: he was missing a divinity. He was someone without faith: At night they would go walking Til the breaking of the day The morning is for sleeping Through the dark streets they go searching To see god in their own way Save the night timefor your weeping Your weeping Singing lalalalalalalaiy And the night over London lay Clearly on the first part of this song, our hero, with other people were searching for god (or God), always at night. It’s nice to note that, generally meetings for religious purposes occur at night. So we rode down to the river where Victory ghost pray For the curses to be broken We go underneath the archesWhere the witches are they say There are ghost towns in the ocean The ocean Singing lalalalalalalaiy And the night over London lay During his research he encountered several pseudo-gods, ghosts, witches, but none of that was what he really wanted. That was not the god he so sought. So the research continues, and has its end:

God is in the houses And God in my head And all the cemeteries in LondonFinally he realizes that his quest was blind.God was everywhere, and everyone and everything, and as he realizes it he also discovers that he could never understand such a divinity, it was not ready for such knowledge, what is clear here: I see God come in my garden But I don’t know what he said For my heart it wasn’t open Not open Having finished his quest, he leaves now to another: the search forunderstanding. Singing lalalalalalalaiy And the night over London lay But then the unexpected happens. It is thought that a war starts, and our hero must fight, what lets him completely stunned, because now that he met with God and the world seems chaotic. Here Chris makes his first reference to the history of wars, particularly the 2nd World War. We are told the history books that between Augustand October 1940, London received 13,755 tons of explosive bombs and 14,421 containers of incendiary bombs, not counting the months until the bombing in May 1941. At the end of 1940, deaths have totaled 15,000 during the attacks of the Luftwaffe - the German air force - to England. London was about fighting the darkness: Singing lalalalalalalaiy There’s no light over London today The lonely...
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