Analisis del caso pemex

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Name : Verónica Ruiz Villegas. 4235

Topic: Final Project. PEMEX Analysis

Class: Economy

Teacher: Elizabeth Patch

Date: August 6, 2010




__________________________The energy Industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy of a country, it is not different in Mexico, so, in this essay is shown a research about Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) companybased on statistics in order to applicants the knowledge gained in the economy class.

According to Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) website this company is a Mexican Monopoly crude oil firm and thebiggest taxpayer in the country. (, Ago 6th). This company was created in 1934 with the mission of promoting the national investment into the crude oil industry.

PEMEX is definedlike a government decentralized company that operates in activities including since exploration until distribution and marketing of the final products. The PEMEX headquarter have four sectors:
*PEMEX Exploration and Production (PEP)
* PEMEX Refining (PXR)
* PEMEX Gas y Basic Petrochemical (PGPB)
* PEMEX Petrochemical (PPQ)
Like a decentralized body, the PEMEX owner is eachMexican citizen, so, all the reserves and all the income from the crude oil should be invested for the public improvement.
For this year, the Income Law of the Federation for the 2010 Fiscal Year (LEY DEINGRESOS DE LA FEDERACIÓN PARA EL EJERCICIO FISCAL DE 2010) published in November 25th 2009 these are the incomes for the crude oil:
(Millions of pesos)
Impuesto a los rendimientos petroleros.2,424.5
Derechos a los hidrocarburos: 563,464.1
Derecho ordinario sobre hidrocarburos. 475,045.3
Derecho sobre hidrocarburos para el fondo de estabilización. 71,666.6
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