Analisis literario las batallas en el desierto

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Eating on the Road

This week’s Speedo Tip of the week comes from registered dietician Dr. Kathleen Woolf. Woolf offers some advice for swimmers who will be eating many of their meals on the road. 
Woolf’s Tip:
As a competitive swimmer, many of your meals will be eaten on the road.  Plan ahead and make good choices, so you stay well fueled while away from home. 
Plan Ahead
Bring foodwith you in your suitcase.  Pack healthy snacks that are easily transported and don’t need refrigeration.  Good choices include sports bars, dried fruits, pretzels, crackers, breakfast cereals, andcanned fruits.  By bringing your own food, you ensure that you are eating familiar items.  If your hotel room has a refrigerator, purchase low fat milk, yogurt, cheese, and fresh fruit to eat betweenmeals.  Because the risk of dehydration increases while on the road, bring water and commercial sports beverages with you. 
Choose Wisely
Although restaurant choices are not always the mosthealthful, you can make good choices to ensure you are ready for competition.  Avoid foods high in fats which may lead to stomach upset.  Ask your server how foods are prepared and choose steamed, baked,boiled, grilled, or broiled selections.  Request extra servings of potatoes, rice, and bread to provide your body with additional carbs.  Mayonnaise, butter, cream-based sauces, and salad dressings shouldbe ordered “on the side” so that you can control the amount added to your food.
Because fast food restaurants are convenient and affordable, many teams make pit stops here.  Fast food istypically higher in fat and calories, however, better choices are available.  Fortunately, most menus now include healthier options beyond a burger, shake, and fries.  Grilled chicken sandwiches, side salads,and low fat milk are much better choices.  Another idea is to select from the children’s menu, which often offers fresh fruits and/or vegetables and smaller portion sizes.
As an athlete,...
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