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1. An economic situation characterized by a business slump and unemployment


2. Political philosophy based on the enlighten ideas, promoting freedom and liberties


3. Money to invest in factories or machines


4. A business organization that is ownedby stockholders who buy shares, and is run by professional managers

5. People interested in finding new business opportunities


6. Means that all adult men could vote

Universal male Suffrage

7. A business owned by two or more entrepreneurs who share management, profits and losses

8. A production method in which each worker does one specializedtask

9. A production method using identical, easy-to-assemble parts

10. A method of production in which tasks were dome by individuals in their rural homes

Cottage industry

11. An economic system in which individuals continually reinvest profits and expand their businesses, based on industrial production

Industial capitalism

12. An organization of workersformed to pressure business owners to improve wages and working conditions


13. Process in which coke, derived from coal, was used to burn away impurities in crude iron producing better quality of iron


14. Negotiations between union representatives and employers

15. In the theories of Marx and Engels, a society without class distinction or privateproperty


16. The middle class during feudalism, became the dominant class in modern times


17. Is known as the industrial working class


18. Political philosophy based on tradition and social stability


19. According to this principle the great European powers had the right to send armiesinto countries where there were revolutions in order to restore legitimate monarchs

Principle of intervention

20. A political theory that society as a whole should control the means of production. Usually in the form of the government , society owns and controls the means of production


21. An economic philosophy that social and political actions should beuseful and helpful to humanity

22. An economic principle that government should not regulate business or economy


23. Movement for women’s right advocating for equality


24. Why is nationalism so important?

Cause is part of your identity of your culture of traditions

25. What where the roles of Camillo di Cavour and Otto Von Bismark inthe unification of their countries?

Otto has very important roll cause he make all military tactics for the unification of german

26. What caused the American Civil War?

Some of the causes of the American civil war was the absolutism the people in that times wont to put and end to the slavery

27. Similarities and differences in Bismark´s and Cavour´s methods forachieving unification in Germany and Italy

The two where base on militarism

28. Which of the following did NOT contribute to Italian unification?

A) The growth of the kingdom of Piedmont B) the military successes of Garibaldi

C) The Franco-Prussian War D) the decline of the Ottoman Empire

29. Germany achieved unification _____A_____

A) After it wonthe Franco-Prussian War.
B) When Count Otto von Bismarck became prime minister.
C) When the southern German states agreed to enter the North German Confederation.
D) When Prussia took leadership of the Frankfurt Assembly

30. The Compromise of 1867 _____A_____
A) Created the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary.
B) Kept the best Russian lands in the hands of large landholders.
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