Analysis of the film "bordertown"

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If ever you find yourself in search of the answer, what is a Mexican? The movie Border town would be the last movie you should look at. However, if you are interested in knowing what kind ofstereotypes exist in film about Mexicans, then Border town is your film. The film Border town directed by Archie mayo and filmed in 1935 is a film that clearly demonstrates the stereotypes that exist evenback in 1935 about Mexicans, in addition, as a way to discourage Mexicans from mixing with the white culture it show the consequences of mixing. Stereotypes are abundant throughout this film as if putthere with a purpose.
One of the stereotypes clearly viewed in this film stated by the fist scene in which Mayo shows us Johnny the main character graduating from law school. He is graduating from anestablishment that barely even looks like a business, let alone a law school. Why is it so impossible to believe that this person coming from a Mexican decent could have at least attended a schoolsuch as Harvard? The cucaracha song was playing in his song as a celebration song. This is a clear stereotype about Mexicans. I have lived as a Mexican all my life, and never have I heard that songplayed in family reunions. To me it seems that whites believe that la cucaracha is all Mexican’s theme song. It seems to me that they believe that no matter where we are, if we find ourselves happy wesing it, hum it, or whistle it. Well that is a huge misconception; to be honest I do not even like that song. In fact, I have only heard this song when mariachis are playing for white people in Mexicanrestaurants, Mexican’s would never ask for this song. Another misconception painted as truth in this film is the relationship Mexican families or Mexican women in particular have with catholicpriests. This is an obvious error many people do hold a friendship relationship with men who are pries. And if they do its either because the priest is a member of the family or they have become friends...
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