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Act 3 Scene 5
Trouble for juliet

ROmeo: Im sorry my love but i have to go. look outside - it's early morning.
julieta: please dont say that. i want you to stay with me
you are my husband now. you needn't go
Romeo: You know that i have to go. if anyone finds me here, the prince will execute me. Im goning to stay. in Mantua. father lawrence is going to talk to our families, and to theprince. Then he will send me a message. perhaps I'll be back soon.
Juliet: I hope so, romeo, my only love!
there is a knock at the door
Romeo: kiss me! goodbye, my love
"He climbs out of the window.
Lady Capulet: (entering) Juliet- you're already out of bed. it's very early
Juliet: i know. i can't sleep.
Lady capulet: you're still very unhappy about yuor
cousin tybalt. Don't worry, my dear.we'll find
Romeo. and when we find him, he'll die. now
listen, i have dome exciting news. your father has said that Paris and you can marry. and the wedding will be on Thurday. (Juliet screams.)
Juliet: I won't marry Paris. it's just not possible!
Lady capulet: what do you mean?
"Lord capulet and the nurse enter.
Lord Capulet: have you told her the news?
Lady Capulet: she says that shewon't marry Paris
Lord Capulet: What? why not? Listen, juliet. Paris is a good, kind man. he's an important man, too, and a friend of the Prince's. you are a very lucky girl!
Juliet: Father, listen. i know that you're trying to help, me but i will never marry Paris. I don't love him. i don't even know him.
Lord Capulet: that doesn't matter. you will marry him on thursday. Do you understand?Juliet: this is terrible what shall i do? They don't
know that i've married Romeo!
Nurse: Listen, my dear. romeo is in Mantua. Perhaps you'll never see him again. Your mother and father are right, you know. Paris is a kind man, and good-looking too. he'll be a better husband than Romeo. marry him. Forget about Romeo.
that's the best thing to do.
Juliet I will never listen to my Nurse again. ithought that she would help me, but she wont't. i'm going to see father Lawrence. Perhaps he can help me.
Paris: i know, i'm very excited. i've loved juliet for a long time, and soon we'll be married
Father Lawrence: But you don't know her very well. you must wait, Paris, thursday is too soon.
Paris: But her father has already decided. i'm very happy!
Juliet: Good morning, Paris
Paris: Hello,juliet, my love You'll soon be my wife.
Juliet: Perhaps. i've come to talk to the priest
Paris: are you going to tell him how much you love me?
Juliet: i've come to talk to him alone
Father Lawrence: Can you leave us, please, Paris?
Paris: Of course, father, goodbye, my love. we'll be married soon!
Juliet: what shall i do? i want to die.
Father Lawrence: you must marry Paris. What else canyou do?
Juliet: Father, i'll never marry Paris. Don't you understand? i love Romeo. he is my husband. look, i have a knife. if you tell me to marry Paris, i'll kill myself.
Father lawrence: Stop! Put down the knife. listen, jluiet, i've just thought of something.
Juliet: what's that? is it poison? will it kill me
Father Lawrence: No, Juliet, it's not poison, but it's a very, very strongmedicine. Anyone who drinks this will sleep for two days.
Juliet: What do you want me o do?
Father Lawrence: i want you to drink this medicine the night before your wedding. you'll sleep very, very deeply, and it won't be possible to wake you up, you will be cold and still, Everyone will think that you are dead.
Juliet: what'll happen then?
Father Lawrence: they'll put your body in your family'stomb, next to your cousin tybalt, later, you'll wake uo. don't worry, i'll send a message to romeo in mantua, and tell him to come back to verona when it's very dangerous, but if you don't do this, you'll have to marry Paris.
Juliet: yes father, i'll do it. i'll do anything to be with Romeo, thank you, Father
Father Lawrence: Father john! Father John! Take this message to Romeo in Mantua. It's...
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