Angela's ashes

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Larissa Contreras
Communicative English I
November 28th, 2008

“Angela’s Ashes”

There is a very poor family, Malachy is the father, and Angela is the mother. They have four sons: twins,a wee girl, another boy and Frankie. When Frankie grows, he decides to be different to his father. He wants a job, and he wants to go to America. This is the life of Frankie Mc.Court.
Frankieis seven years when his beauty sister die. So the entire family moves with Angela’s sister. They don’t like Malachy, and always criticize him. His father doesn’t have a job and ever gets money to hisfamily. The family live at a poor apartment. Are very dirty, and the twins die. Malachy ever give money to Angela, sometimes they don’t eat. Frankie and his brother go to the Christian school. Sometime later, his mother has another baby, a boy. So she tells Malachy, again, get a job. Malachy always spends the money on drinks, and arrives to the apartment with alcoholic breath and sings songs everynight. Angela always forgives him, and Malachy always does the same. But Frankie bears his father a grudge because of that. He wants to be different.
When Frankie is eleven years, he takes hisfirst communion. His aunt does a meal, and Frankie, who eats a lot, throws up Jesus in the aunt’s yard. His aunt is so mad with him, so they go back to the church and ask to the father how they do toclean Jesus, because He is on the back yard. Later, Frankie gets his first job. He gets money and goes to see movies with his friends and his brother. For the job, he had a very seriousconjunctivitis and his mother takes him to the nursing home. He stays there for couple days and then he goes back home and school. His mother tells him that leaves the job. He’s mad with her but he does.
Afew years later, Frankie is fifteen years. He starts to work as mail carrier. One day, he meets Theresa. They fall in love immediately and make the love on the sofa. He doesn’t know that she has a...
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