Angeles y demonios

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welcome to new york.
that the stewardess said ... when we touch ground.

- At last - I thought before leaving to catch a transport

I can bring the best hotel in this beautiful city.-of course.
- That such a spectacular city, I had in my mind.

and even more when the taxi driver dropped me off at one of the most expensive hotels in this city.

between, leave my luggage andasked for a map of the whole city, and like any tourist, left the hotel to meet.

I decided to walk, but as time passed that you did not know not where it was.

then I saw a beautiful lady and ask.Can you tell me where I am?

She looked at me and said.: sorry, I'm haste.

disoriented, far divices a man, very Latin style, so I asked.
"the answer; these at: 810, 7th Avenue.
and where togo?
- I stayed at the hotel plaza, located on the famous Fifth Avenue.

- You better take a bus or subway, as you prefer, anyway let you two blocks away.

-where can I take this transport?
- Walktwo blocks, then turn right and you can see the subway station and the whereabouts of buses.

-thanks ... I thought it would be easy, but it proves true, the blocks are very long and intense cold,I felt lost, alone in a city, big and dangerous.
gone are the desire to learn Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center.

9:30, alreadylate and not go.
tears fall from my eyes, I'm desperate, my head hurts ...

in the distance I saw a taxi, call and I see, thank God, was the same taxi driver who took me to the hotel, I wonder ... "that was at that time outside the hotel? and the told the story,. I get to the hotel and for me was seeing the sky.
and learned that one should not be alone in an unknown location.

bienvenidos anew york.
esto dijo la azafata... cuando tocamos tierra.

- por fin¡- pense antes de salir a coger un transporte

me puede llevar al mejor hotel de esta bella ciudad.
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