Animales En Extincion

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Loss of Biodiversity
Biodiversity is very important for the life of our planet.
Many species and ecosystems are disappearing, are becoming extinct, which really is very serious.
If you think, is the only environmental impact that is irreversible.
Today we have means to reverse a greater or lesser extent, many of the problems that cause the man on the environment. Butwhen a species becomes extinct there is absolutely nothing we can do to recover it. Learn about the importance and causes of this problem are essential for all of us to preserve biodiversity.
Pérdida de la Biodiversidad
La biodiversidad es muy importante para la vida en nuestro planeta.
Muchas especies y ecosistemas están desapareciendo, se están extinguiendo... lo cual verdaderamente es muygrave.
Si lo piensas, es el único impacto ambiental que es irreversible.
Hoy contamos con medios para revertir, en mayor o menor medida, muchos de los problemas que el hombre causa sobre el ambiente. Pero cuando una especie se extingue no hay absolutamente nada que podamos hacer para recuperarla.
Aprender sobre la importancia y las causas de este problema es fundamental para que todoscontribuyamos a preservar la biodiversidad.

Massive Extinctions From Human Activity
Despite knowing about biodiversity’s importance for a long time, human activity has been causing massive extinctions. As the Environment New Service, reported back in August 1999 (previous link): “the current extinctionrate is now approaching 1,000 times the background rate and may climb to 10,000 times the background rate during the next century, if present trends continue [resulting in] a loss that would easily equal those of past extinctions.” (Emphasis added)
A major report, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, released in March 2005 highlighted a substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversityof life on Earth, with some 10-30% of the mammal, bird and amphibian species threatened with extinction, due to human actions. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) added that Earth is unable to keep up in the struggle to regenerate from the demands we place on it.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) notes in a video that many species are threatened with extinction. Inaddition,
* At threat of extinction are
* 1 out of 8 birds
* 1 out of 4 mammals
* 1 out of 4 conifers
* 1 out of 3 amphibians
* 6 out of 7 marine turtles
* 75% of genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost
* 75% of the world’s fisheries are fully or over exploited
* Up to 70% of the world’s known species risk extinction if the globaltemperatures rise by more than 3.5°C
* 1/3rd of reef-building corals around the world are threatened with extinction
* Over 350 million people suffer from severe water scarcity
Is this the kind of world we want, it asks? After all, the short video concludes, our lives are inextricably linked with biodiversity and ultimately its protection is essential for our very survival:
What kind of world dowe want?, IUCN, December 2008 (Updated Jan 22, 2010)
In different parts of the world, species face different levels and types of threats. But overall patterns show a downward trend in most cases.

Proportion of all assessed species in different threat categories of extinction risk on the IUCN Red List, based on data from 47,677 species.Source: IUCN, pie chart compiled bySecretariat of theConvention on Biological Diversity (2010) Global Biodiversity Outlook 3, May 2010
As explained in the UN’s 3rd Global Biodiversity Outlook, the rate of biodiversity loss has not been reduced because the 5 principle pressures on biodiversity are persistent, even intensifying:
1. Habitat loss and degradation
2. Climate change
3. Excessive nutrient load and other forms of pollution
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