Anlasis de la educacion en finlandia

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The first thing that caught my attention in this documentary was the union of a country in one interest, that of providing the best education fora competitive future where not only enough to have a degree in any field of study. The Finlandizes discovered the best way to motivate their students to these, notfail or drop out of school.
Words that stayed in my mind and I hope never again forget DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION means: a child regardless of social class or race,has the right to a quality education.
Finland also has developed a reading culture which I find extraordinary in this technological world where everything wesummarized without losing our time reading a good book, reading leads to a grandiose world that is our imagination where anything can happen.
What surprises me most ishow we had not discovered this before if your education system has more than 40 years and no matter the government to pass the priority remains education.
Thequalities of the Finnish education system we should adopt all Panama and the government would:
* Respect for teachers
* Election of teachers for theirvocation of teaching
* Theory into practice
* Tutoring helpers
* Psychologists
* Sports Areas
In conclusion I would like to add that I hope someday ourpoliticians do the right thing and not think only in personal gain, or if a person is in X or Y political party, the important thing is the union as a country, ascitizens wishing to leave forward to have a better quality of life, to have more opportunities to defend freedom and democracy that is what defines us as people.
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