Anna Karenina Summary

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The book has two plots that run side by side throughout the novel: the story of Anna and the story of Levin which are antagonist ones.

Anna's brother Stiva had beencaught cheating on his wife, Dolly. So Anna traveled to Russia to convince Dolly to forgive him. Anna was married to Karenin a wealthy man and their marriage seemed stable and united from the start.Shortly, Anna met and fell in love with the Count Vronsky. She tried hard to escape his stares, to avoid meeting him, but he was persistent and they had an affair. As a consequence Anna becamepregnant. She had to, obviously, tell Karenin the news. He decided that his social pride and honor had to be preserved, and he and Anna pretended nothing was happening. He feared the ridicule ofsociety. Meanwhile, Anna continued seeing Vronsky quite often. One day Karenin discovered the extent of the affair when he saw Vronsky leaving his house, and asked her for a divorce. After that, Anna ranaway with Vronsky.

After having Vronsky's baby, Anna became seriously ill. Karenin thought she was going to die, so he forgave her for everything she had done. When Anna recovered she quickly forgotabout Karenin. While Anna was sick and Karenin was present at her side, Vronsky was humiliated by what he had done. He tried to commit suicide by shooting himself, but he, like Anna, did not die. Nowhe and Anna left for Italy.

Anna's life became terrible. Her friends abandoned her, ashamed of her behavior. She couldn’t go out in public with Vronsky. Vronsky, however, went out without Anna;he was free to do so. That is why Anna became horribly insecure, thinking that Vronsky went out so much because he was in love with someone else. He was only in love with Anna.

Anna was in adifficult position. She depended entirely on him for internal peace and love. But what she finally realized was that no one had the power to satisfy her emotional desires. She had woven a complex web...
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