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I'm Magda

The members of my family are: my father (Ronald), my mother (Norma), two sisters (Miriam and Maria Jose), and one brother (Ronald). I am the second one, my sister Miriam is the olderand I'm the next one.

I am seventeen years old, and Miriam is eighteen years old, so we are very close in some way. We share cloth, bedroom, and friends. I do not have too much relation with mylittle sister maybe because she is younger than me. I really like to spend time with my brother; he is one year younger than me so we have many things in common. Also he's always in good mood.

Ingeneral we are a happy family who live in the same house with "family" situations. I love them to much. I can not imagine my life without them. They give me all the support that I need to make my dreamscome true.

Like all people in the world there are some things that makes me angry, for example I feel bad when my parents don't pay me attention when I am trying tell them something that is reallyimportant to me. In some way I know that they have many things to do and we are four teenagers in my family.

I obey my parents as much as possible. Now a day I know that they want just the bestfor me and my siblings so I try not to disappoint them.
My roll in the family is to help with the house shores like: wash the dishes and the bathroom, iron my cloth, clean my bedroom and my mother'soffice (she's a dentist).

I am a person who recognizes my own mistakes. If someone has something to tell me I'm not going to be mad or angry. I don't like misunderstandings. If I don't knowsomething I ask for help most of the time to my parents.

The relationship with my friends is really good I try to have good relationships with all the people around me. I like to go out with them watchmovies or visit a friend's house and I love to know new place and people. I like the adventure.
In my free time I love to practice basketball, I train three times a week. I enjoy practicing...
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