Anorexy and bulimy

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Anorexy and Bulimy

I decided to talk about Anorexy and bulimy, because, in my opinion, it is a really interesting topic that is affecting teenagers, especially women, into an impressive way.

What is Anorexy?
People suffering from anorexy, don’t want to mantein their normal weight because they are afraid of being fat and becoming obese.
They are always worried about their body; sometimesthey submit themselves to very restricted diets which modify their character and behavior.
The symptoms of this disease are:
They don’t want to keep them weight.
They start eating less and less.
They can’t concentrate in their work.
If they are girls, sometimes they lose their menstruation.
People feel cold, less the hair...

It’s really typical to think that only the girls can’t have thistype of illness, but is this true? Nowadays there are some boys who also are really worried about their body.

What is Bulimy?
People who suffering this illness eats excessively and after they vomitate or use laxatives and diuretics.

The symptoms of bulimy are:
Eating without control.
Feeling that it’s impossible to stop eating.
Fasting to compensate for previous over eating.
Inducingvomits that are denied.
Abusing of laxatives and diuretics.
Problems with teeth.
Changes of humor and depressions.

What is the best solution for this issue?
There are some treatments for that dangerous illness:
The best treatment is a group therapy.
It’s really important to talk about the problem; they must recognize that they aren’t fine.
The more important is adquiring the right eatingattitude.

Sometimes people thing that this disease aren’t so dangerous, but this is really false, because in extreme cases the boy or girl who suffers it, can die.

What I want to do is to present another way to fight against this mental problem. Because it is not as easy as some people say. The people who suffer from this are really vulnerable and obsessed that they can’t recognize limits.I think that the main cause of this disease is TV, and fashion world. They always want to sell us the perfect prototype of the thin woman, or men, but this image is not real, the reality is that each body is different and the people have not to be valued from their appearance, but about their values and costumes.

But, how can we make these sick people see the reality? This is very difficult,because they don’t care about taking their bodies to the limit, because they just want to be ‘perfect’, but what is perfection? This is only what publicity wants to sell.

And they are so sad and vulnerable, that will believe everything they say, because that’s their way to hide from the world and avoid facing problems, and falling into depression.

The mediums can’t realize and don’t careabout all the damage they are causing to this people, who are generally women, between 12 and 25 years old. Is this fair? Of course not. These teenagers’ bodies are changing and they really need the nutriments to make them health.

I think that the main mistake of our society is to present this problem as they do. For example, if you tell a teenager that anorexy and bulimy would make him or herloose weight, they won’t care about anything else. The first thing society has to do is to present the problem the way it is: the most dark and horrible way of seeing life.

Anorexic people are afraid to get fat, are too slim, and are too much concerned with their weight and their look that they control obsessively. They are always cold and like to live alone, avoiding contact with friends andrelatives.

Anorexy start to be revealed when there is a crisis of personality and its roots are very deep. Since babies these persons, mostly women, try to improve themselves more and more, lacking self-esteem; they work hard and always agree with everyone.

Controlling their weight and vomiting are the most important events in their life.
Of course sometimes they give up this strict control...
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