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MWF 8:00-9:20 am room LDC 212
Item and Section: 1310 A 5 credits

Instructor Contact Information :

Dr. Dominique Coulet du Gard
Email :
preferred method to leave messages
Phone: 383-3741
Office: LDC Room 215 E
Office Hours: 9:20-10:15 and by appointment

Park, Michael Introducing Anthropology, 4th ed. 2008 (REQUIRED)
Annual Editions: Anthropology 09/10 Thirty-second Edition (REQUIRED)

Course Description: Basic introduction to anthropology stressing human origins and cultural diversity. Topics covered include human inheritance, evolution, prehistoric cultures, and acomparison of economics, family, politics, values, language, and religion in different cultures.

• Basic understanding of anthropology and research methods
• Basic understanding of human biological origins
• Awareness of prehistoric, historic and recent cultures
• The essential factors of culture and language
• Cross cultural understanding of marriage,kinship, political, economic, religious and artistic systems
• Tolerance and respect of diverse cultural ideas and values
• Demonstration of basic college level analysis and writing

Point System: Course grade will be based on a total of 500 points possible:
300 pts Three tests (100 pts apiece)
100 pts Observation assignment
100 pts short assignments throughout quarter and 25 pointsfor attendance

Grade Scale:
500 points

500-475 A (94)
474-450 A- (90)
449-435 B+ (87)
434-420 B (84)
419-400 B- (80)
399-385 C+ (77)
384-360 C (74)
359-340 C- (70)
339-325 D+ (67)
324-300 D (64)
299-275 D- (60)
274 – F (59)

Tests and Assignments
Tests and assignments will be based on textbook, lectures, handouts, films and/or other assigned work. 10 points will bededucted for each late class for the assignments; 20 points off for each late class for a test unless previous arrangements are made for the test to be taken at the testing center.

Missed Tests and Tutoring
I give make-up tests only in rare circumstances. With approval, a make-up test may be taken through the college testing center located on the first floor of the Laidlaw Center.

The WritingCenter, located in Cascade Hall provides assistance with writing assignments; call 676-2170 ext 3270 for general tutoring information. There is also an online Writing Center as

“I” Grade

An incomplete or “I” grade will be granted if the student has completed most of the course work. A form must be filled out and agreed upon by the student and instructor.Attendance

It is in your interest to attend all regularly scheduled classes. Attendance will be taken 10 times during the quarter. Please refer to the syllabus for important dates. In addition to the textbooks, materials will be covered in class via films, handouts, lectures and discussions. If you miss a class, please see another student for missed notes. The instructor will not give out notes ofmissed classes. You are responsible for all materials in tests. It is advisable to keep a notebook as there will be many handouts to help with test reviews, assignments and readings.

Classroom Conduct and Civility

• Turn off all cell phone ringers, and remove IPODS, MP3 player headsets before the class begins; laptops may be only used for not-taking (I will temporarily remove anyobstructing electronics that is disruptive to your learning.)
• Do not text message during class.
• Avoid eating noisy foods in class- however, I allow food and drinks with lids.
• Follow all non-smoking, non-alcohol, and non-drug use as designated by the college.
• Arrive to class on time.
• Do not leave class early unless you have told me in advance
• If attendance is part...
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