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Character name –

Real life age - Please be at least 18 years old.
22 years old

Class/race –

Current Spec Main and Dual –
Main spec: 57/03/11 Arcane (pve).
Dual spec: 20/00/51 Frost (pvp).

What are your current glyphs?
Main spec: Mayor: Glyph of Arcane Blast, Glyph or Arcane Missiles, Glyph of Molten Armor. Minor: Glyph of Frost ward, Glyph of fire ward,Glyph of Slow fall.

Duel spec: Mayor: Glyph of Ice Barrier, Glyph of Evocation, Glyph of Polymorph. Minor: Glyph of Frost ward, Glyph of fire ward, Glyph of Slow fall.

Email address or other method of contact –
In-game mail or my e-mail address: lumosdark@hotmail.com

Current guild/previous guild(s) and your raid experience with each of them –
Nameless: All BC content. LK: Naxxramas,EOE, OS.
Malicious: Naxxramas.
Dies Irae: Ulduar.
Vigilant: VOA, TOC, Onyxia.

Both 10 and 25man content.
No pre-BC raid experience.

I’m currently guildless.

Can you make the listed raid times?
Yes, I can make the listed raid times.

Will you be able to sign up for raids with more than 2 days notice? Will you be able to cancel with 2 days notice, emergencies aside?
Yes, I will signup for raids and will be able to cancel if something comes up with 2 days notice, unless it’s a last minute emergency which I doubt it might happen.

Are you willing to dedicate the necessary time each week to keep up with the forums, theory crafting your class and learning about raid encounters outside of raid time?
Yes, I am.

What are you looking for from the guild and what do you have tooffer?
I like to be part of an above tier skill level of players in a paced environment. Getting the content down and having fun along the way is what makes raiding fun.
I think I would be a good fit in GIFT because I think that you match my current goals within WoW.
If you accepted me to your guild you will be getting a serious raider who shows up every single night prepared.

Which raidencounter was the most difficult for you to learn in WoW and why was it difficult for you? Please use this to explain your prior raid experience, if you have not raided how do you intend to get up to speed with people who have raided for years?
In all honesty, all fights that had massive amounts of mobs in the raid would bother me, I used to have a very slow computer and played at a very lowframerate. Fights like Teron Gorefiend when there were lots of ghosts, Lady Vashj when we failed at killing things fast, and anything that requires suppression rooms. I recently purchased a powerful pc and have had no problems with things like this.

Why do you raid?
Raiding is my thing, I take it seriously. It’s why I still play this game.

We are a progression orientated group of people, if aboss drops your absolute best whatever item, and we ask you to sit out so we can actually kill the boss, how will you handle it?
I would step out without complaining. I know and understand that, for certain fights, I won’t be needed. I also know that I would not be taken at all to a raid night either, sometimes and I’m ok with that. Though, I’d be crying inside Lol.

Are you easily offended?After two years raiding with men… no, I don’t think so. He he.

What are your most important mods and why do you like them? Do you have a problem downloading necessary raiding mods as they are needed in the future? [i]Note: Omen, oRA2 and deadly boss mods are required for everyone, PallyPower is required for paladins, A decurse mod is required if you can decurse/magic/disease/poison etc.

Ihave a top 4 in my list:
MikScrollingBattleText: Perfect for any activity, pve, pvp or simple questing, It gives me alerts to everything.
MageNuggets: Mage alerts for everything. Procs, CDs, etc.
DBM: For alerts.

I also use Do Timer, Omen, oRA2 for encounters and Onebag, Prat, Bartender for my UI.

I don’t have any problems downloading necessary raiding mods as they are...
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