Aqui esta

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Better run for cover
Your a hurricane full of lies
And the way you’re heading
No ones getting out alive
?So do us all a favorWould you find somebody else to blame
Cause your words are like bullets
and I'm the way your weapons aim

Yes I canfeel the burn
With things that I don’t know about you, baby?
You’re not misunderstood
But you got, you got to go!Chorus:
Living in a fantasy,
Don't even know reality,
When you starttalking,
I start walking
(Lies! Lies! Lies!)
Don't even wanna know the truth,
The devil has his eye on you,girl
When you start talking, I’ll start walking
(Lies! Lies! Lies!)
Yey Yey

Verse 2:
So don’tforget your seatbelt
Don't you think of picking up the phone
Better say your prayers
Cos you’re never gonna make it home
(Uh Uh Uh)Did you miss the stop sign?
That last decision was your last
Cos you can’t go back
Once you're lying in the broken glassYou get to here me say
Who gets the last laugh now!


No more excusesNo more running
Only God can save you now
(God can save you now)
Cos I know the truth time is running out!!
-Bass Solo-...
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