Are google´s competitors strong enough?

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October 25 2010

Are Google´s competitors strong enough?

Google is one of the most important companies in the world, but is not the only one, there are many others that try to take place in this fight, but these companies do not have what Google does and this is size, not just taking about the number of buildings, butthe way it can reach consumers. It is not easy to compete against a big company that is full of technology, infrastructure and the right resources that determine the impact of information technology, these aspects are needed to conquer the world, so it is important to analyze if these companies are strong enough to compete against Google. To determine this, it is important to analyze several aspectsand the impact of technology takes an important role.
Based on the article “buscadores semánticos” that was written by Abián, M. Á, published on 2010, he tries to define the difference that distinguishes Google´s technology from other companies and he mentions that Google´s tendency is innovation; the technological system that Google as a search engine uses is called Page Rank which isan advanced algorithm for internet searching and was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page but there are also other companies that have used other kind of technologies like the semantic research that are not effective besides researches made by Google and which is not very common. Google posses thousands of servers spread all around the world and also the longest indexed web site pages collectionapproximately 8000 million web pages, this is what other companies do not have.
There is also another reason why Google is preferred by many users, it is designed to save the information, because Google saves the information in his own cache, so the user can access the selected site even when that site has disappeared so the certain information can be recovered.
As it was publishedin the article “Wolfram Alpha” from Media Vida website Google has many competitors that want to take place in this technologicall battle. There are many companies that want to compete against Google because it is taking all the possible consumers in the web and there are others as Yahoo that has created an alliance with Google trying to stop this company to devaluate itself and be acquired byMicrosoft for this reason on May 2009 as an action of Microsoft to compete against Google, releases “Bing” that is as Google a search engine and the way Microsoft is trying the growing of Google, as “Bing” is consider a competitor there is another one that was considered as one and this one is called “Wolfram Alpha” which is not a search engine, instead attempts to compute an answer to its input andnot to simply return a list of results based on a query, this software was also considered as a competitor but even the founder of the company called “Stephen Wolfram” has declared that he is not trying to compete against Google and he just developed the software just for mathematically usage.
There are many companies that have tried to compete against Google, but they lack of technologythat could compete against Google and knowing this there are others that have created alliances with Google, but Google really knows how to deal with the situation, as cited in the article “Google Culture of Innovation” Google has taken several actions to increase its potential by increasing its infrastructure. The infrastructure of a company is important for being competitive and Google has a biginfrastructure. Google needs offices and buildings but it also need the proper installations to maintain the batteries of the company working properly and those batteries are called “servers”.
Google uses servers that are computers that serve information to other computers maintaining the servers, is not cheap, because it needs a lot of energy, so that is why Google Energy is created on...
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