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Argentina is a sovereign state, organized as a representative and federal republic, situated on the southeastern tip of South America. Its territory is divided into 23 provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, the nation's capital and seat of the federal government. Its 40 million people averaged indices of human development, income per capita, level of economic growth andquality of life, which are among the highest in Latin America The World Bank, its nominal GDP is the 30 th largest in the world, but considering the purchasing power of its total GDP transformed the country into the 23 th largest economy in the world. In 2010, Argentina was classified as upper middle income country or as an emerging market, also by the World Bank.
For its size, 2,780,400 km ², isthe second largest state in Latin America, fourth in the Americas and eighth in the world, considering only the area subject to effective sovereignty. If we consider the Malvinas, South Georgia, South Sandwich and Aurora (British Overseas Territories claimed by Argentina), plus the area claimed Antarctic south of latitude 60 ° S, called Antarctica Argentina (which includes the Orkney Islands Southand South Shetland Islands), the total would rise to 3,761,274 km ², making it the seventh largest country in the world. However, this claim is affected by the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty, without its signature constitutes a waiver.
His American mainland, which covers much of South America, bordered on the north by Bolivia and Paraguay, northeast Brazil, west and south by Chile and Uruguayon the east and the Atlantic Ocean.
On May 25, 1810 was deposed the last Spanish viceroy who ruled from Buenos Aires, organized the First Board of Governors, and the July 9, 1816 in Tucumán was formally proclaimed its independence as a free and sovereign.
The Republic of Argentina has a number of symbolic elements defined by law. The National Flag consists of three horizontal stripes and blueand white commensurate with the sun in the middle, was designed by Manuel Belgrano in 1812 and adopted as a national symbol on July 20, 1816. The Coat of Argentina, representing the union of the provinces, came into use in 1813 as a seal of official documents.

The Argentine national anthem was adopted in 1813, written by Vicente López y Planes and music by Blas Parera, albeit from thepresidency of Julio Argentino Roca was shortened to only three paragraphs to ignore the proclamations of anti-Spanish. The Cockade of Argentina was first used during the Revolution of May and was formalized two years later. The baker, present in almost all the national territory was proclaimed the official bird unanimously in 1927. The national stone is the rhodochrosite, which can be found in theSierras Capillitas, in the province of Catamarca. The kapok tree was named national flower and Decree No. 138474/42, 1942. The national sport is the duck, and is the national dance pericón.

Traditional food

One of the tipical food of Argentina is the barbecue (“asado”). It can be cooked in different ways: Grilled: it uses vegetal charcoal for its baking. Cooking time is around one hour and ahalf or two hours.
Also a Barbecue can be made al “asador”. In this case a fire is made on the ground or in a fire pit surrounded by metal crosses that hold the entire carcass of an animal splayed open to receive the heat from the fire. Generally this style is used for cuts of meat of about 10 kg. Cooking time is of 5 hours approximately.

Empanadas are a common dish served at parties,family reunions, or in national holidays.
Made out of ingredients, wrapped in pastry. These ingredients usually consists on beef, boilred egg, green olive, and even raisins. They might be prepared with cheese, ham and cheese, chiken, fish,
Empanadas might be baked, fried, salad or sweet. One of the empanadas with higher reputation in Argentina are the Empanadas from Salta (Province of Salta,...
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