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Argentina goes from Tropic to Suthern Polo.
It is one of the most beatifull countries in the world.
It has a own fauna, like vizcacha(without translation) an MartínPescador.
Its capital is the biggest city, Buenos Aires, who grows in the nearby of the big port, the old neigbourough of San Telmo.
My favourite place to go in Buenos Aires is thewalk called La Costanera.
The weather in Argentina goes from the heath in the north to the frezze in the south.
In its east side is the Athlantic Ocean.
Its population is made fora little citiziens, and after colonized by Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Judes, French and British.
Cows are an important way in country economic, but als cereal, fruits. and coalmines.
The mos representative dance is tango, which is well known all over the worl.
But tipical dance and songs are zamba, malambo, gato, etc.
Bueno te hice once pero larguitas.argentina is very famous because of its people and its beaches
futbol is the main sport in argentina we got amazing players.
Argentina is a diverse country.
It is the secondlargest country in South America.
It is the eigth largest country in the world.
It is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay in the north.
Uruguay and Brazil border it on the northeast.Chile is on its west and southern borders.
In argentina we're all gay
Argenmtina it's the worst country in the world
We eat shit
Here there is no tv or cellphones
The only goodthing of us are football players
We bwlieve that we are europeans
Arentina has a pussy form
it's the most poor country of the wole world
Our music it's like hear cats crying
Oureconomie it's week
We think that our beefs are the best. Argentina's most important city is Buenos Aires.
It's a Sudamerican country
It's a very nice country and very big too.
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