Armas nucleares amenaza mundial

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Francisco Abad
Researched Position Paper
Dr. Jenna White
English 1302
18 April 2008
The Nuclear Weapons in the XI Century
In this century, the scraps of the weapons that were accumulated in the Cold War are the worst seed that this ideology war could have left. There is a lot of nuclear armament which in the wrong hands can start the final war on the earth. The realistic theories on internationalrelations claim and support that the power of a country is determined by the military might that it could have, and everybody knows that the nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapons that have ever existed for mass destruction and human annihilation. Although the United Nations Organizations have been trying to stop the proliferation of the nuclear weapons by encouraging all the nations totake action and follow the NPT ,Non nuclear Proliferation Treaty, (IAEA), they haven’t succeeded because various nations simply believe that the nuclear weapons mean power and respect over the international community. There are nations that do not realize that if a nuclear war takes place on this planet, this will be the end of the human race. Nuclear weapons must be abolished because they are notjust a threat for the enemies of powerful nations but for the whole world.
In April 17, 1961 troops of exiled Cubans, led by the CIA, arrived in the Bay of Pigs. The attack was planned as a secret operation to defeat the Cuban government, but Fidel Castro received exact information with exact data about where the US military forces were going to arrive (Sierra). The Cuban Regime won and completelycaptured the exiled Cubans. John F. Kennedy was new in the white house, and he couldn’t lead the plan as well as he would have liked since this secret attack was Eisenhower’s work. After this attack, Cuba declared its regime as a Marxist communist regime; Cuba became the main branch of communism in Latin America, and this was not something that the U.S. liked. As a consequence of the attack toBay of Pigs, The Soviet Union sent ships with nuclear missiles to Cuba in order to protect its little ally in Latin America from another attack. The U.S. Department of Defense noted the existence of these ships and notified President Kennedy as soon as they could. The missiles that were coming to The Republic of Cuba were not a problem to the United States because they were going to stop them fromrestored democracy in Cuba, but they were a big issue because they were going to give them the advantage to the USSR in the arms race. During the missile crisis in 1962, the whole world experienced and felt the closest threat of a nuclear war in the whole human history (Sierra). The arms race between the Soviet Union and the United States was so significant that it was able to destroy the wholeworld. Everybody was talking about a possible Nuclear Holocaust because the influence that these empires had was indescribable. A big general assumption was that if one of these countries attacked the other one, all the allies were going to be forced to start a “hot war”. If this armed conflict would have started, the end of the world would have occurred.
The problem was solved peacefully and with alot of diplomacy from both sides. Both States knew the possible consequences of an armed war, and they decided not to take any military actions over the issue. The United States of America blocked Cuba’s maritime territory and obligated the ships to return to the USSR territory. After this incident, the countries got together to talk about nuclear weapons. They created the “Non nuclearProliferation Treaty” ,NPT, which was signed after the conflict was resolved in order to have an international agreement able to encourage, suggest, and stop the proliferation, exchange, trade, and the use of nuclear material (IAEA); the NPT’s purpose was to keep world safety and to promote peace keeping. On one hand, there are a lot of countries that have followed the statements that were made in the NPT...
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