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Development of Peru

On July 28, 1821, the independence movementled by the Argentine General José de San Martin, from Chile, declared independence and established a new state: the Republic of Peru whose name slogan tacitly Act of Independence of this country.However, only in 1824 the Venezuelan general Simon Bolivar finally succeeded in driving the royalist troops in the southern highlands settled down after the battles of Junín (Aug. 6) and Ayacucho (December9). The first years of independence struggles took place between caudillescas organized by the military to become President of the Republic. In this context, between 1836 and 1839, he formed thePeru-Bolivian Confederacy, dissolved after the defeat of Yungay against the United Army Restorer.


Peru is a religious country. Raul Porras Barrenechea, historian, said the Peruvian wasprobably the most religious man in the world. And in the territory of Peru, as elsewhere, religion has played a vital role in social and cultural development of societies from their origins in the Andes(12,000 BC.), Including the processes gestation of their civilization (3,000 BC.), political and cultural formation of pre-Hispanic Andean societies, and finally, the religious transformation as aresult of the fall of the Inca Empire and the seizure of power by the Spanish, who imposed the Catholicism.In Peru dominant Christian religion, especially Catholicism.


Peruvian cuisine isconsidered one of the most varied, has the Guinness record for the greatest variety and diversity of dishes in the world. Thanks to the Columbian legacy (pre-Inca and Inca), Amazon cuisine, Spanishand African and Sino-Cantonese, Japanese, Italian and French later meets a variety of mixtures, along with Creole cuisine in a four continents in a single country, offering a large variety of dishes...
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