Art of war

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The Art of War

This book shows us what factors we need to consider to reach our desired end, since the developing of a plan, the pros and cons, the human factor that is under our control and thefact of a leader, because if we are the best leader we can be, and we have the best men, we could reach our objective in a easier way.

This book also says that the prolongad campaigns areinefficient, because the only thing that this causes is the fact that the resources decrease and that the men lose their desires of fight.

I can resume two main ideas, the first one is the fact that nomatter what, we need to use our advantage, and at the same time, we need to know when is the appropriate time to make a move and when not, cause if we are impulsives, our enemy could use this failureagainst us, and the second one is that, when we better know in what aspects are we stong and weak, it’s gong to be very hard for our enemy defeat us.

We only depend of ourselves to win, because wecan not control all the factors in our advantage. No matter how many obstacles we find in our way, we need to find a solution based on our experiences and knowledge, because these are the best weaponswe have to face any adverse situation.

It is very important to make strategic strokes considering many factors to make that this strategy goes hand in hand with our goal, and there are gong to bemany times that the fact of follow this strategy will make us go on roads seemingly difficult, but it is in that moment when we need to show our talent to turn all the bad things in good thing, to turnthe difficult things in easy things, and I know that it’s not going to be easy, but if there’s something I can say, is that when the challenge is hard, the satisfaction that we get is greatest.After choosing a plan, it's time to start it, being aware of our capabilities, and is important to consider the human fact, and communicate the message of the steps to be followed for the successful...
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