War of the supremes

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War of the Supremes

The Supreme War or War of the Convent is the first civil conflict in Colombia was independent. The war lasted three years (1839-1842) and initiated for religious reasons, asduring the government of José Ignacio de Marquez a law was passed ordering abolish convents that housed fewer than eight religious. The rebellion initiated by religious leaders was seized by thewarlords in the south, known as the Supremes, who sought to oppose the government of Marquez.

The administrative transformation experienced in the former Spanish colonies resulted in numerous disputesbetween the Americans for power. Some would not lose their high status obtained during the administration of the Spanish Empire and others require the "rightful place" to have risen thanks to the newdynamics of the nascent republican period.

Many provinces had no greater importance during the colonial period in terms of relating military, political, clerical, economic and social concerns. Incontrast to the Republican era, the situation changed considerably. This is largely due to the new type of government that existed throughout Granada, which changed from colony which means the annexindependent. Clear a republic that had a Beneficiary change in Europe since it was now subindependiente. These completely new governments modify all structures. What allowed each province began to beimportant local, regional and national levels by three aspects: economy, government and politics. These three were instrumental in the development given in the region and because they developindependence from Spain, the provinces began to discover its territory by exploiting every resource they had in their proximity and now had to worry about not trading only with the interior, but with the newAmerican states. On the other hand, the loss of Spanish rule was that the products were not always to Spain, allowing trade with other states such as USA, France and England. This condition allowed...
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