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The conference started with a brief introduction by Dr. Carlos Solis of how the arthropods had changed over time starting with the most primitive Trilobites and trilobitomorpha to an ancient speciesof crabs and to what we know now a days. He proceeded to explain how the arthropods are almost always mistaken as insects and he explained the right concept of what an arthropod is.
This pictureshows the how the arthropods have changed over time since the trilobites to the centipedes and scorpions.

Dr. Solis continued his explanation mentioning the body parts the arthropods consist of whichare articulated legs and appendixes. He also explained where the name of arthropods comes from the Greek words “anthron” which means joints and “podos” which means foot or “jointed legs”.Afterwards he continued explaining about the senses of the arthropods he emphasized about the eyes especially which relies on a compound eyes. Also he explained about the kinds of senses they rely on which arechemical and mechanical. One of the interesting facts also was that arthropods don’t grow as any other creature but that they grow by changing their exoskeletons, something similar to what snakes do.He proceeded to explain the number of species and families of spiders and scorpions which is about 105 or more species all around the world. Later he showed the distribution of arthropods in Mexicoand only then he started to explain which species could be found in the state of Nuevo Leon. The species listed go as following:
• Black widow
• Brown Spider also called Violin Spider
• BlondScorpion.
Dr. Solis said that the most dangerous ones were the two first listed because de scorpion just produces a great amount of pain and its almost harmless to adults, furthermore there is anotherfact that we have to consider which is where this creatures inhabit, this kind of creatures prefer to be in dark and humid places so its not easy to come across them.
Dr. Solis based much of his...
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