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The NCP1396 A/B offers everything needed to build a reliable and
rugged resonant mode power supply. Its unique architecture includes
a 500 kHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator whosecontrol mode brings
flexibility when an ORing function is a necessity, e.g. in multiple
feedback paths implementations. Thanks to its proprietary
high--voltage technology, thecontroller welcomes a bootstrapped
MOSFET driver for half--bridge applications accepting bulk voltages
up to 600 V. Protections featuring various reaction times, e.g.
immediate shutdown ortimer--based event, brown--out, broken
opto--coupler detection etc., contribute to a safer converter design,
without engendering additional circuitry complexity. An adjustable
deadtimealso helps lowering the shoot--through current contribution
as the switching frequency increases.
 High--frequency Operation from 50 kHz up to 500 kHz
 600 VHigh--Voltage Floating Driver
 Selectable Minimum Switching Frequency with 3% Accuracy
 Adjustable Deadtime from 100 ns to 2 ms.
 Startup Sequence via an Adjustable Soft--start
Brown--out Protection for a Simpler PFC Association
 Latched Input for Severe Fault Conditions, e.g. Over Temperature
or OVP
 Timer--based Input with Auto--recovery Operation for DelayedEvent Reaction
 Enable Input for Immediate Event Reaction or Simple ON/OFF
 VCC Operation up to 20 V
 Low Startup Current of 300 mA
 1 A / 0.5 A Peak Current Sink /Source Drive Capability
 Common Collector Optocoupler Connection for Easier ORing
 Internal Temperature Shutdown
 B Version features 10 V VCC Startup Threshold
 These are Pb--FreeDevices
Typical Applications
 Flat Panel Display Power Converters
 High Power AC/DC Adapters for Notebooks
 Industrial and Medical Power Sources
 Offline Battery Chargers
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