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Two officers were sent to a jungle area to learn the whereaboutsof a young couple adventurous Americans, Peruvian authorities say are good, but their families who feel they are missing sparking rapid mobilization of the government for fear that is put into questionthe safety of tourists and affecting the flow of visitors to the country.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, José Luis Silva, said the youth, Garrett and his girlfriend Jamie Hand Neal, both 25,and California natural, are plying the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon, bound for Ecuador, and have been seen recently by several locals.

The families of the girls had reported her missing,and insisted on Wednesday that "until our families do not see their faces and hear their voices, they will continue missing".

Miguel Antezana Ministry spokesman, told The Associated Press on Wednesdaythat two officers were sent to the city of Iquitos, Loreto region, so that from there on an aircraft departing the scope to give tourists and get the proof that they are unharmed.

Hand and Neal, wholeft their country to make a cycling adventure trip to South America, had not contacted family or friends since Jan. 25 while traveling in Peru, which made them assume the worst, especially after thatthe U.S. embassy in Lima in mid-February warned their citizens about the possibility of kidnappings in Cusco, a city where young people were up before losing contact.
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