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L1AC4 Read and write Tasca

Oxford: Read the text and answer the questions about it. Write complete answers.(Subject,verb,object....)(=Escriu frases completes.Subjecte, verb, complement...)Important: Abans de contestar les preguntes és molt important que llegiu "Com corregirem", perquè ho tingueu en compte.

|Oxford is an old, historic city in central England. It is famous for itsuniversity and its beautiful buildings. There are a lot of things to |
|see and do in the city and a lot of tourists visit it every year.|
| |
|Some university buildings aremore than nine hundred years old. Christchurch College is very large. It’s got a tower with a famous  old clock |
|and it’s got a very big dining room with a lot of paintings of famous people on thewalls. In the centre of the city there is an old market |
|where you can buy food, presents and souvenirs and near the centre there is a castle where there are interesting exhibits on the historyof |
|Oxford. |
|There are fascinating museums in Oxford. The Natural History Museum has got a lot of skeletons ofdinosaurs and other extinct animals, and the |
|Pitt Rivers Museum, which is situated behind the Natural History Museum, has got hundreds of interesting objects from all over the world. |
|Oxford es una ciudad antigua e histórica en el centro...
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