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What’s New in SolidWorks 2010
SolidWorkS SuStainaBilityXpreSS Benefit:


SolidWorks® SustainabilityXpress considers how and where materials are produced, parts are manufactured, and productsare used and discarded.

Instantly understand the environmental impact of your SolidWorks design in real time.

r a p i d d i m e n S i o n f o r d r a W i n g d e ta i l i n g


2With the new Rapid Dimension tool, a dimension manipulator appears when dimensions are inserted in drawing views. The manipulator automatically spaces the dimensions evenly, saving you time andeffort.

Quickly and easily create manufacturingready drawings.

i m p r o v e d m i r r o r C o m p o n e n t S i n a S S e m B ly



The new MirrorComponent, which is part of theFeatureManager® design tree, maintains the position of mirrored components relative to seed components, simplifying workflow and management.

Design and manage assemblies faster and with moreflexibility.

m u lt i B o dy S u p p o r t f o r S h e e t- m e ta l pa r t S



SolidWorks 2010 simplifies the creation of complex sheet-metal designs. This new functionality lets youincorporate designs that include other sheet-metal or weldment parts.

Expand your sheet-metal designs to incorporate weldments or other sheet-metal parts.

m o u S e g e S t u r e h e a d S - u p u Se r i n t e r fa C e



By creating a mouse gesture as a shortcut to executing a command, SolidWorks 2010 lets you keep your eye on your design. The customized gestures for drawings,assemblies, parts, and sketches will let you think more about your design and less about navigating your CAD application.

Increase design efficiency by allowing immediate access to frequently usedfunctionality with just a slight movement of the mouse.

Keep your subscription current to optimize your investment in SolidWorks.

Sheet-metal eXport to dXf/dWg enhanCementS


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