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Important monuments
City hall, the first government palace (actually a museum & a library); Cultural Units "Jesús Castro Agúndez"; church of San Antonio de Padua, built in San Antonio; the Cathedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz, mission established in 1720; Misión de Santa Rosa de las Palmas Todos Santos, built in 1735. 
Painting: In the municipality there areareas that testify the presence of humans who left, as a token of his tour, cave paintings, such as: La Grieta o Piedra de los Pescaditos; el Peñasco ""Piedra Pintada"; La Piedra de los Monos; Las Peñas del Rincón de San Antonio; La Boca de San Pedro y las Cuevas de las Calaveras. 
On the Cultural Unity,Jesús Castro Agúndez is the theater of the city, la Rotonda de los SudcalifornianosIlustres. On the other hand, has the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, established in 1981, which has two main rooms, the exhibition of archaeological remains of the tribes that inhabited the peninsula (guaycuras, pericúes y cochimíes) and exhibition for works of national and foreign artists.
In the community of Triunfo palm is used to weave hats, bags, boxes, fans, and vases. InSan Pedro de La Presa are made knives, spears, machetes, daggers and belts, Other materials are also working shell, cow horn, tortoise shell and cow, Finally, work is minimally pottery and leather work. Currently some artisans recycle the material of old cars that used to carry knives of great beauty and quality.
The typical dress of the municipality is also used for other state,with the man's jeans and blouse of the same material, covered by a closed layer of suede leather jacket that is called, which generally uses the ranch and is supplemented with suede boots, spurs, cowhide chaps. It wraps the body with a leather loop which they call "faja cuero" and the straw hat covered in leather or suede with a strap. In the female is a red skirt, semicircular type, bordered onthe bottom of a white Dutch and without botolladuras, oval-neck white blouse and a decorative carrying a green dragon fruit plant from the edge of the skirt up With three branches to the inner height of the bust, finishing each branch in a flower of the cactus, which becomes the name of Flor de Pitaya "Another female costume consists of a white cloth caperina tulle applications , skirt, blouse andsandals of cowhide with ribbons of the same material.
Regional sweets: Guayabate, mangate, pitahayate, panocha de gajo y el piloncillo. 
Beverages : Liquor of damiana.
The state capital of Baja California Sur has some interesting attractions such as:
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, founded in the eighteenth century, the garden of Velasco, the Cultural Center "Prof.Jesús Castro Agúndez" housing the City Theatre and Gallery "Prof. Carlos Olachea B" y la Rotonda de los "Sudcalifornianos IIustres." The Museum of Anthropology and History, holds within its walls the remains of the ancient peninsular inhabitants since prehistoric times, and the colonial era.
On the outskirts of La Paz known for their beautiful beaches as: El Tesoro, Tecolote, Coromuel, Caimancito yPichilingue (in the latter station is located offering ferry service to Mazatlan and Topolobampo in Sinaloa). Not to mention the Isla Espiritu Santo and its islands, where the practice of kayaking, camping, ecotourism, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing even bigger range of attractions of this beautiful port.
Peace is internationally recognized for its variety of beautiful sunsets over thecoastal boardwalk, highlighting the vast range of services offered on this important avenue, as are restaurants, travel agencies and ecotourism, clubs, cafes, bars and shops crafts.


Important monuments
Historical: When General Alvaro Obregon, built in the late nineteen twenties, Mexicali has monuments to Benito Juarez, Lazaro Cardenas, Vicente Guerrero, Francisco...
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