Banco grameen

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A) Information on the study
Industry: Microfinance (social bank)
Founded: 1976 (by Muhammad Yunus)
Location: Jobra (Bangladesh), India
Slogan: Bank for the poor
Key figures:

(a) On the last day of each month, 50 per cent provision is made against the outstanding amounts of flexible loans with age of less than two years, and 100 per cent provisionis made against the outstanding amounts of flexible loans with age of two years and more. The amount of a flexible loan which completes the third year is written off exactly on the date following its completion.
(b) This figure is not exactly equal to the difference between items 1 and 2 because of difference in conversion rates.
(c) Amount repaid as a percentage of amount due.
(d) If aborrower misses ten consecutive instalments, the entire outstanding loan is treated as an overdue loan.
(e) On the last day of each month, 100 per cent provision is made against all overdue loans. Entire outstanding amount of overdue loans are written off one year after they become overdue.
(f) In case of one-year loan, if the borrower fails to repay half the loan amount, with interest, within 26weeks, entire unrepaid amount becomes overdue. In case of loans with longer duration, if the borrower fails to repay the total principal amount and interest scheduled to be repaid within each segment of 26 weeks, entire unrepaid amount falls overdue.
(g) Number of members includes both Beggar Members and Higher Education Loan recipients mentioned in item no. 12.1 & 17.3 respectively.
2.Other families organizations (Grameen Families Organizations)
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Grameen Communications

Grameen Communications, a member of Grameen family of enterprises, is a not for profit Information Technology company. It has been providing complete systems solution through developing software products and services, internet services, hardware & networking services and IT educationservices since its inception in 1997 under the Companies Act, 1994.

As a result of the success of Grameen Bank in reaching and serving the poor with credit, many people and organizations began to think in Grameen's way, and wanted to learn more about Grameen and follow Grameen's principles in their own sphere of work. It is primarily to meet this demand that the Grameen Trust (GT) cameinto being in 1989
Grameen Fund Grameen Fund was incorporated on January 17, 1994 as a "not-for-profit" company and started operations on February 1, 1994. Its emphasis is on providing finance to ventures that are risky, technology - oriented and otherwise deprived of financing from existing formal lending institutions.
Grameen Telecom Grameen Telecom is a company dedicated tobringing the information revolution to the rural people of Bangladesh. Grameen Telecom is planning, over the next 4 years, to provide GSM 900/1100 cellular mobile phone service to 100 million rural inhabitants in 68,000 villages of Bangladesh by (1) financing 60,000 members of Grameen Bank to provide village pay phone service and (2) providing direct phones to potential subscribers.
|Grameen Cybernet Ltd.

Grameen Cybernet Ltd. has been Bangladesh's leader in Internet service provision since it commenced operation in July 1996. Its Chief Executive has had an extensive career in education and information technology in the US and is assisted by a team of bright, young executives.
Grameen Shakti (GS) is a not-for-profit rural power company whose purpose is tosupply renewable energy to unelectrified villages in Bangladesh. GS expects not only to supply renewable energy services, but also to create employment and income-generation opportunities in rural Bangladesh.
Grameen Phone In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, vibrant and dynamic Corporate Governance practices are an essential ingredient to success. Grameenphone believes in...
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