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Writing Assignment: Opinion Essay

“Don't judge a book by it's cover!”

Physical beauty has always been an important issue for many people.Physical beauty refers to how you look on the outside; it is the appearance, what the people see in you before they meet you. Physiological beauty is the qualities and how you relate with the others. Butthis is not everything; physiological beauty has many more benefits. On these times, society usually sees the exterior and judge before they can hold a conversation with a person. After all, what isbeauty without intelligence? Being intelligent definitely lets you to have a better social life.

Therefore, you know how to relate with people. Almost all the intelligent people have socialskills that help to develop their social and emotional feelings, attitudes and desires. Generally, it happens that people who are beautiful on the outside, are very ugly on the inside, they justexpress bad attitudes and discomfort. Such as, when you relate with someone who thinks they are superior to you just for having beauty or luxuries, they just ignore you and underestimate you. On the otherhand, when you know how to relate, you try to do it with all the society, without judging before knowing them, whether they have money or beauty. You just treat them for what they are and all we are,people just like you.

Furthermore, you know how to solve problems without drama. You do not get in trouble for any nonsense like, who dresses in the best clothes, or driving the luxurycar. As soon as, you get into a problem, you know how to deal with it, always properly and satisfactorily resolved so that problems not lead to more problems with other people. Imagine you like the newboy in the school, and then your best friend told you that she likes him too, you would talk with your friend about the situation. Anybody else would make a huge gossip and even they may lose their...
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