Beneath The Veil

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Beneath the veil
Reporter: Saira Shah
Produced by: Dispatches investigation
This documental shows me the reality of the afghan women and kids.
The investigation started in Afghanistan amysterious country where Taliban and the Islamic militia have imposed their politics by years.
Afghan women have fight the same time. RAWA, the revolution association of the women of Afghanistan, ask forhuman rights, in a country where women are force to keep her behind a veil.
Islamic militia attack RAWA because they think that women have to be under men control. But RAWA don’t stop there. Theafghan women most powerful weapon are the hidden cameras, the pictures revel the destitution created by the wall of no work for women, thing that forced women to go to streets and life in complete misery,the most shocked pictures revel how Taliban transport women to the execution ground by the charge of adultery, prostitution, homosexuality or anything that Taliban consider illegal.
On the neighbourcountry, Pakistan the women become visible. But in Kandahal (one of the Pakistan borders) filming is illegal and Islamic spies surround the city for catch the people that film or take pictures fromthe city, doesn’t matter if you come from a foreign country, for everybody is the same, Taliban don’t want to be on the spotlights, they like their life how they have it now, they don’t need moreproblems.
On Kabul the capital Pakistan, the view shocked, all products of several civil wars, Taliban say that they have other priorities.
Wakil Motowakil, one of the Taliban directors says that allthat they do is for maintain order. But he doesn’t say anything about the buildings and the things that the Taliban security thieves have catch to people and call own.
So, the public execution of womenon a football stadium is for maintain order? Taliban is proud of the things they do there. They think that the football stadium is for joy and entertainment and that the public execution of women...
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