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North American Literature
Teacher: Galicia García Plancarte
Charlenne Peralta Long
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May 23, 2012

Questionnaire about the reading “A Few Don’ts by an Imagist”, by EzraPond

1. According to Pound, what is an image?
Pound states that an image is a set of intellectual, emotional and complex mental representations which mainly appear from nowhere in aninstant or sudden moment.
2. What is the difference between dogma and the “results of long contemplation”?
According to Pound, a dogma is something already established and not so opento changes; so, it may worth it to consider, to analyze, study, and pay attention at someone’s “long contemplation” for it will probably be something with more coherence, much morereasonable and studied, than a dogmatic kind of thing.
3. Why is the rule of avoiding abstractions consistent with the goals of Imagist poetry?
You shall not use superfluous words just tomake your works seem more intellectual or high-leveled someway, because doing this, makes it loose sense, loose its original power and strength too. Using impressive words, most of thetimes doesn’t lead the reader to find something revealing about your writing, so it would be useless.
4. What is preferable to abstractions?
You shouldn’t combine abstractions withconcrete definitions or expressions; it is preferable to the writer to show up the natural object of its writing, even though it may or may not sound too easy to decode. To leave its originalform, is the best you could do.
5. How does presentation differ from description?
Presentation permits you to have a wider choice to interpret a work; description, instead of that,gives you a quite more detailed and realistic view of it.
6. What rule should govern the rhythm of a poem?

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