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The Mona Lisa robbery
Act 1:
Scene 1: in a hotel room, there is a man who is talking to himself
- Vincenzo Perugia: I’m ready, I have the plans to steal the painting “Mona Lisa” ( he shows apaper) I’ll hid in the museum, and in the night, I’ll steal the Mona Lisa!, but…
but… I could be trapped, mmmmm… I know!! I will act as a cleaner.

Narrator: He decided to do it that way. He went to themuseum and he hid inside, then…

Act 2:
Scene 2: The room is very dark and we can see the painting
-Cleaner 1: Oh… I’m so boring; the museum is very boring…
-Cleaner 2: How you can say that? Themuseum is very interesting; all this paintings are so wonderful.
-Cleaner 3: yeah! The museum is cool!
-Cleaner 1: Thanks! Here never happens something interesting… the only thing we do is clean!-Cleaner 3: Noooo (kidding), maybe that is because we are cleaners! And we have to go to clean the next room…

(The three cleaners left the room and Vincenzo Perugia appear and he takes the MonaLisa, the tree cleaner comeback)

Cleaner 3: Oh! The Mona Lisa is gone! Someone had stolen it!
(The other two cleaners laugh)
Cleaner 2: The mona lisa can’t be steal… maybe someone take it away to bephotographed…
Cleaner 3: Maybe…
(At 9 a.m. Louis Beroun arrived at the museum)

Louis Beroun: Where is the Mona Lisa? I need it, that painting is my inspiration…
Cleaner 2: It’s beingphotographed…
Louis Beroun: Oh! Well… I will wait…

(He waits for a short time)

Louis Beroun: What are they doing with it?!! You! (Pointing to the cleaner 1) call to the photographer and ask him for thepainting!
Cleaner 1: OK.

(The cleaner take his telephone and call to the photographer)

Cleaner 1: Hi John, well I call you because we wont the Mona Lisa back… What?!! You don’t have it?!!
LouisBeroun: The Mona Lisa was stolen!!!
Cleaner 2: Don’t worry Mr. Louis someone in the museum must have it…

Act 3:
The museum was closed all day, everyone in the museum were looking...
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