Billy elliiot

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BILLY ELLIOT (chapters 1-12)
Billy was a boy who was 12 years old. He lived in Everington with his dad Jackie, his brother Tony and his Nan. His mum died two years ago. He wasn’t rich, so he lived in the ‘poor’ part of Everington.
His father and his brother were miners .They were on strike because mines were closing and they wanted to keep their job. Every morning they went to the mines toshout to the scabs; they were the people who still went to work because they wanted the money.
When Billy was alone with his Nan, he liked dancing and listening to music. His Nan also liked dancing, but she couldn’t move well because she was eighty.
Billy hated Tony but he liked his music. He liked the song ‘Cosmic Boogie’ which was his mam’s favourite song.
One morning while he was makingbreakfast his Nan disappeared. He ran to the street and found her near a tree. She was ill and sometimes she got lost.
Billy liked playing the piano because he could remember his mother. He would like to go to piano lessons but there was no money. His father got angry with him and shouted at him. He didn’t want to remember Billy’s mother.
Every Saturday morning Billy went to boxing lessons. He wasn’tgood at boxing and he hated it and George his teacher. Billy was very angry because George sent him to the punch bag. While he was hitting it, he heard music in other room. He went and saw Debbie, a girl from her school, while she was doing ballet. She invited him to try the moves. He wanted to do it but it was difficult and he was wearing boxing shoes. Mrs. Wilkinson, the ballet teacher gave himballet shoes. He started dancing and he felt good.
After the class he went home. The teacher was driving when she saw him and took him home.
She had a cigarette in her mouth. She was always smoking. She invited him to the next class but Billy wasn’t sure. He was thinking about ballet all the time. He liked dancing but he felt stupid because boys didn’t do ballet.
He heard on the news thatthe strike was going to finish soon. Winter was near and the miners were going to need money.
At school some boys laughed at Billy. They knew about ballet lessons. His friend George knew about them too. But he was different. He thought ballet was cool for boys because they were stronger.
The next Saturday Billy didn’t go boxing. He went to ballet lessons. He was bored because he didn’t know themoves, then Miss showed the spin. It was difficult but it looked great. He tried a lot but he fell on the floor. He wanted to learn it. At the end of the class Miss asked him if he was coming next week. He didn’t know, so she asked him the shoes. He didn’t want to give them to her because he wanted to learn the spin and show it to George. He wanted to show he wasn’t good at boxing but he was good atdancing.
He went home running and his Nan saw the shoes. He told her not to tell her father and Tony. They weren’t going to understand him.
Jackie thought that something was wrong with Billy. He was spinning all the time. Billy said it was a boxing move. One morning he was at the mine shouting at the scabs when he saw George. He said Billy wasn’t going to boxing classes. He asked Jackie if itwas for the money. Jackie didn’t understand. Billy left his house every Saturday so he had an idea.
The next Saturday he followed Billy to the Social. He saw Billy in the ballet class. He was very angry and his face was red. He shouted at Billy. He took him home and he didn’t say anything to Billy during the way. When they arrived he said angrily that boys didn’t do ballet and he wasn’t doing itagain. Billy shouted at him ‘I hate you’ and ran out of the house. He went to Miss’ house. She lived in a posh neighbourhood. She was rich.
When he arrived Miss’ husband opened the door. He was always at the bar or drinking beer.
They had dinner together. Then Miss took Billy to his house. She said that he was good at dancing and that he could do an audition for the Royal Ballet School. She...
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