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Contributions of Bioethics principles in the professional training of Bilingual Education students for conflict resolution in pupils’ learning contexts.

Educators andteachers should master teaching methodologies to guarantee satisfactory processes of learning pace in the classroom setting. So far, almost all subjects -due to multidisciplinary factors, are beingintegrated for achieving goals in the field of education, so it is not surprising to count on various foundations of other areas of knowledge such as philosophy, science, medicine and Bioethics as well toincrease the production of the learners. It is then in this framework in which teachers face different learning conflicts that are necessary to solve in accordance with their professional experience andtraining.
The proposal that I have for this project comes from the actual study of Bioethics as one specialization for postgraduates. In this kind of studies, the most important profile intended forthe students of El Bosque University is the formation of skillful people who will be able to handle conflict resolution that are raised from ethic-pedagogical issues and can be studied by targetingtheir implications on the students’ learning.1
In order to briefly contextualize conflict resolution in pedagogy, it would be ideal to give an explanation of how conflicts of learning arise from thecontext. One of such conflicts appears to be especially hard to manage for teachers, and it is called bullying. In this kind of behavioral problem, there is always an intention of picking on otherstudents by targeting the ones who are considered weak. Bullying can be verbal, psychological or physical but regardless its characteristics, it degenerates all the relationships between students in theclassroom who usually find it difficult to achieve expected learning goals in their academic subjects. The roots of bullying belong many times to disfunctional contexts primarily in the family of the...
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