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Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz |

Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz (also known simply as August Kekule) (Darmstadt, Germany, September 7, 1829 - Tessin, Germany, July 13,1896) was a German organic chemist. He was considered one of the most prominent European organic chemicals from the 1850s until his death, especially in the theoretical field because it isconsidered one of the main founders of the theory of chemical structure, studies at the Ludwig Institute George in Darmstadt, and was a good student with a gift for languages ​​(he learned French,Italian and English, and German).
Since it was a good draftsman and his father was a friend of famous architects, he enrolled at the University of Gießen with the intention of studyingarchitecture. After attending lectures of Justus von Liebig, he decided to study chemistry.
Kekulé was the main driver of the Theory of Chemical Structure (1857 - 1858). This theory comes from theidea of ​​atomic valence, especially a tetravalent carbon (which Kekulé established later in 1857) and the ability of carbon atoms linked together (established by Kekule in May 1858) for thedetermination of all binding order between all the atoms in a molecule. Archibald Scott Couper independently arrived at the idea of ​​the capacity for self - link carbon atoms (his work appeared inJune 1858), and used the first molecular formulas where lines symbolize bonds connecting the the atoms.

In 1890 the German Chemical Society organized an elaborate ceremony in honor ofKekulé, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his first paper on benzene. In it, Kekulé spoke of the creation of his theory. He said he had discovered the benzene ring shape after having adream about a snake biting its tail (this is a common symbol in many ancient cultures known as the Ouroboros). This view, 'he said came after years of study on the nature of the carbon – carbon.
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