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1 The bag snatcher
One Saturday afternoon in a small town, Emma Carter came out of the
shoe shop with some new shoes. They were cheap shoes, but Emma
was very pleased with them. She was seventy-three years old and didn’t
have much money. She began to walk home. ‘A nice cup of tea,’ she
thought, ‘and then I can go for a walk in my new shoes.’
It was a quiet town and there was nobody in thestreet. Suddenly,
Emma heard something behind her. She didn’t have time to look, because just then somebody ran up behind her, hit her on the head, and
snatched her bag out of her hands. Emma fell down on her back. Then
she looked up and saw a tall young man with long, dirty brown hair.
He stood and looked down at her for a second; then he ran away with
Emma’s bag under his arm.
‘Help! Help!’Emma cried.
But nobody came, and after two or three minutes Emma slowly got
up and went to the nearest house. The people there were very kind.
They gave Emma a cup of tea, and soon an ambulance came and took
her to hospital.
At the hospital a doctor looked at Emma’s head and back. ‘You are
going to be OK,’ he said. ‘Just take it easy for a day or two. Can your
husband help you at home?’‘My husband died eight years ago,’ said Emma. ‘There’s only me atHome Page
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‘Well,’ the doctor said, ‘we don’t want you to feel ill and fall downstairs at home. So I think you must stay in hospital for tonight, and
perhaps tomorrow night, too.’
Later, a policeman came to hospital and Emma told him about thebag-snatcher.
‘Did anybody see this young man?’ he asked.
‘I don’t know,’ said Emma. ‘But there was nobody in the street when
I called for help.’
‘Oh dear,’ the policeman said. ‘What was in your bag?’
‘A little money - and a lottery ticket,’ said Emma. ‘I buy a ticket every
Saturday. Then on Saturday evening I watch the lottery on television.
I always have the same numbers - 5, 12, 23, 24,38, 41. All those numbers are important to me. I was born on 5th December, 1923. I lived at
number 24 Sandwich Road for 38 years ’
‘Yes, yes,’ said the policeman. ‘I understand.’ He wrote everything
down in a little black book. ‘Did you see the man’s face?’ he asked.
‘Yes,’ said Emma. ‘I did. I fell on my back, and he looked down at me
for a second. So I saw his face.’
The policeman opened asmall bag. In it there were a lot of pictures
of eyes and ears, hair and mouths. I need a picture of the man’s face.
‘Can you help me?’ he said.
‘Yes,’ said Emma. ‘He was tall and he had long, dirty brown hair. HeHome Page
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wore blue trousers and a white shirt with a picture of a footballer. He
had brown eyes ’Carefully she took the small pictures and made a big
picture of the young man’s face. She checked the picture carefully.
‘What colour were his shoes?’ asked the policeman.
Shoes! Suddenly Emma remembered her new shoes. Where were
they? She told the policeman about her shoes, but then she began to
cry and could not stop.
A nurse came up to Emma’s bed. ‘Please go now,’ she said to thepoliceman. ‘Mrs Carter needs to sleep.’
2 The winning ticket
Jason Williams came home and sat down on his bed. He was twentytwo years old. He lived with his father and mother in three small rooms
at the top of a tall building. Every day he went out, but he did not go
to work. Jason stole things. Sometimes he stole things from shops or
cars; and sometimes he stole money from old people like EmmaCarter.
Today he was angry.
‘I took that old woman’s bag,’ he thought. ‘What did I get? Two
pounds, seventy-four pence, and a lottery ticket! And it was an old,
cheap bag too.’
Jason knew about lottery tickets. He bought five tickets every weekend. He put Emma’s lottery ticket in his pocket and forgot about it.Home Page
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