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Letter No. 321
Mr. Worth: For some time I have been correspond with our sales representatives with the object of determining what quantity we should print of the first edition of our newpublication, Modern Science of the World. The estimates I received from them varied widely, as usual, and most of them were unsatisfactory and undependable.
On the basis of our past experience in publishingand marketing a book of this character, I believe we should be able to sell 50,000 copies in the first year.
Could you be responsible, Mr. Worth, for placing a manufacturing order for this quantitypromptly? In addition, please place an immediate order for 200,000 copies of the attached circular describing the features of the book. Have them delivered to Mr. Smith, head of the advertisingdepartment, at our Franklin Street office when they are ready.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Lydia C. Long
Letter No. 322
Dear Dr. Stern: I understand, Dr. Stern, that several days ago youjoined the large family of shareholders of the Eastern Sporting Goods Company. May I take advantage of this opportunity to welcome you. You will be informed of the operations and progress of ourorganization through quarterly and annual reports and by executive bulletins whenever we have something that we want to tell you promptly about the company.
You will shortly receive a copy of thisyear´s report and also a copy of our house magazine, Sports Today. It is issued four times a year, in January, April, August, and December. If you want to receive this valuable magazine regularly, pleasefill out the enclosed from and return it in the envelope we have provided.
As president of the Eastern Sporting Goods Company, I am inviting you officially to visit our modern plant in Chicago,Illinois, and our headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You will be warmly welcomed by our staff. Yours very truly,
Letter No. 324
Gentlemen: It makes no difference whether your executives...
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