Biography Of Mana

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Biography of Mana
Mana's story begins in the mid-seventies in Guadalajara, Mexico, thanks to four friends coming together to perform songs from Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.These friends created a group called 'The Green Hat Spies', which eventually would become 'Green Hat' and finally, in 'green hat', its translation into Castilian.
As 'green hat' released two albums:'Green Hat' and 'To the rhythm of rock', with rather poor results in terms of sales. Due to the failure of the group there were several changes in band members, who eventually left with the followingcomponents: Fernando Olvera (Fher), Alejandro González (Alex), and brothers Juan and Ulises Calleros. Since then decide to change his stage name from that of 'Mana' and use Latin rhythms in hiscompositions.
In 1987 released their first album, titled 'Mana', with modest results, and in 1989 the second, 'lack of love'. Would be during the next two years as Mana would be released across thecountry, with more than seventy concerts and various awards and gold records for his work.
In 1992 he edited 'Where do children play? ", Recorded in a studio in Los Angeles. Calleros Ulysses becomes themanager of the group and enter Cesar Lopez (Vampire) and Ivan Gonzalez. The disc becomes a bestseller, not only in Mexico but in most Spanish speaking countries.
In late 1993, Vampire and Ivan leavethe group, Sergio Vallin and enters as the fourth member of the band. In 1995 he published a new album, 'Angels Cry', which again becomes an international success. Two years later a new album seesthe light, 'Liquid Dreams'. It is published simultaneously in 26 countries, including Spain, where he won the gold in just two months. With this album made a grand tour of all Latin America, UnitedStates, Canada, Spain and a myriad of countries. In 1999 released a new album, 'MTV Unplugged', for that channel, and collaborated with Carlos Santana on his latest album. In 2002 comes out its...
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